How much is the Barb Above you Worth?

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prolly 1B
@brocolli probably worth vendor cost...looks like you might have missed alot of time in the game based on that gear
^ I'm going to guess around 30 - 50 mil?
@mastermind-should be around 15mil but with the IK chest probably over 25m
I'm not sure Scytheblade. I haven't been very good at putting a price on items.

That being said, I have no clue where I stand. Anyone want to take a crack at it?
@PhatPhoEater 40-90mill is my guess..
@ Trooper

around 10 mil I think lol profile?
@xxruthless 60m . good job
50m better than mine
@citijem.....60 million? Lol i wish
Very rough guess. 3B.
Do bots really count xxruthlessxx almost 30k e kills bots.....all legit.....thx though
Last I checked bots don't post on forums.
That being said he does have some nice gear. Can someone please grade my starter barb. Thanks.

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