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So, some of my coworkers actually think that GW2 outsold D3 for the following reasons.

1. The GW2 selling 2M copies data is old and was released soon after the game's launch. It has allegedly sold many, many copies since then. (Not likely.)

2. Of the over 10M copies of D3 sold, a huge percentage of those were returned. (I would guess a very small percentage of units were actually returned.)

3. D3 has 2 million "subscribers." (WTF is this, don't ask me, I do not know.)

4. Everybody hates D3 and everybody love GW2. (Many love D3 and I've seen GW2 trashed on the internet many times, but I have not played it myself.)

This caused another D3 player and me to have a good laugh. Some people just...I don't know what's wrong with kids these days...
Guild Wars 2 is so boring.... lol

No one has even come close to achieving the awesome feel that WoW had through 04-08. Guild Wars 2 feels like a big silly playground of mini games where I could care less about just about everything and everyone around me.

Mega lame.
Thanks for sharing that riveting story. It's not "GW2 fanboys", it's idiots making ignorant comments. In any event, to respond to your points:

1. Speculation on their part just as the "not likely" comment is speculation on your part. Neither of you actually know.

2. Nobody knows how many were actually returned. All we have are ppl on the forums claiming to have done so. Speculation again.

3. Maybe they meant 2 million active players? Either way, it's an ignorant statement on their part that deserved a laugh.

4. This is a pointless comment. Many like/hate D3 just as many like/hate GW2. The only difference is the D3 forums are a lot more volatile.

Maybe they frequent the General forums and were just trolling you IRL.

12/19/2012 06:14 PMPosted by CompleatWych
Guild Wars 2 is so boring.... lol

I find WoW to be much more
I find WoW to be much more

WoW is pretty boring in its current state. Never said I played WoW.
12/19/2012 07:27 PMPosted by CompleatWych
WoW is pretty boring in its current state. Never said I played WoW.

Never said you did. You did mention it though and even in it's prime, I find WoW more boring. It was always the community that made the game fun.
Comapring how many D3 sold to how many GW2 would be difficult even if you had the numbers. Does getting D3 as a result of a WoW subscription count as a sale? I could argue that both ways. This is interesting, though:

GW2 has been above D3 as long as I can remember.
@ OP

Um... who cares.

Oh my, what a foul little troll you are! You obviously care enough to be a troll in the forum of a game you don't even play. You're welcome for giving you something to do and giving your life meaning, albeit for a short time.

12/20/2012 05:58 PMPosted by TheCursed
The real problem is how you are condescending towards your coworkers.

Wrong, I wasn't condescending toward them. We had a dicussion. I told them there is no way GW2 magically jumped into the top 10 selling PC games of all time. The real problem is how you are still breast feeding at your age.

12/20/2012 05:58 PMPosted by TheCursed
You cant provide actual facts to face your co workers, and you still cant provide any now

I didn't need to, but I did. Stop imagining what happens in my life, it's creepy. I agree that GW2 has sold plenty since release. But a few 100k units on top of the reported 2 million would be a good estimate, not 8 million. There are more Ford F150s on the road in the United States than there are Nissan Cubes. It's true--look, ma no facts. Dispute that too if you'd like.

12/20/2012 05:58 PMPosted by TheCursed
All you can do is cowardly skulk on a D3 forum

12/20/2012 05:58 PMPosted by TheCursed
and call them fanboys

If they are completely unreasonable and can't accept the obvious when they are defending something of which they are big fans, I think it is perfectly reasonable to use the fanboy label.

12/20/2012 05:58 PMPosted by TheCursed
People who argue that their sports team is better provide more solid facts than you.

Is that all? =.= I dont play this game anymore because i already beat it. I've moved on. Why are you getting so worked up on a hobby?

My gripe is how you feel the need to refer to your coworkers as "fanboys" and "kids nowadays" for a simple mistake. Is that a behavior of a "non-fanboy" and an "adult"? Think about that. Think about how you couldn't laugh together with your coworkers who were mistaken. I'm sure in you explained properly they would realize the mistake.

I dont know what made you think i was trolling but i'm starting to come to the conclusion that is the common reaction of people online to criticism.

PS. Providing links just means that you couldn't care enough to learn things in real life. If you want people to respect your opinion, you have to put some original thought into it.
You haven't moved on. You showed up to troll an obviously lighthearted post where I used terms like "fanboy" and "kids these days." You seem to have missed the point.

I think you read the title as "GW2 !@#$b!tches who are the scum of the earth!" That isn't what it reads. I think you read the last line of my post as "These ignoramuses deserve to be thrown into a meat grinder so the great and powerful Chang can feed off their inferior calories." That isn't what it reads. Did I say they were stupid? Did I say they were awful people? Did I say anything personally insulting to anyone? No. I merely pointed out an IRL argument on the topic of total sales took place and, in spite of the faulty logic used by the GW2 fans, they were unable to see that D3 outsold GW2 by a wide margin. I used facts when this took place. We were laughing with each other, joking, name calling even. (Before you flame me: this behavior can be perfectly acceptable in any setting if you have a good communication established. I know: you don't understand. You aren't a people person. Your mom still has hopes that you'll make at least one friend someday.)

My hope was that someone could get some more recent numbers on GW2, which was the main reason for this thread. Instead, I got some little punk bashing my word choice. I would go out and grab a beer with any one of these guys in a heartbeat. In fact, I did exactly that with two of them after work on Wednesday. I'm sure you wouldn't understand that because no one would want to be in a social situation with someone who nitpicks every trivial detail and can't stay on topic for even one second.

So, don't bother flaming or trolling or nitpicking or whatever term you would use to describe your hostile behavior anymore. You are the prototype of what is wrong with the D3 forums. Bye.

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