Leoric's Signet for 1.06 The Ultimate Quest

Items and Crafting
Within a day of when I extended my route to be longer and had almost fully optimized my gear from several mil on the AH I found a 28% ring with an almost max dex roll (lucky me as I'm a monk). I had been trying to get it over several weeks and never even got a Manald Heal to drop that whole time. The monk being the best character to farm the ring because it can go to 35 percent with Fleet Footed passive for running speed. This more efficient and much longer run seemed to work really well for me as legendaries sometimes dropped so fast I'd get 3 in one run.

I have read the forums alot but the main information I used because of their incredible success at multiple Signet drops, was Cuckoo gaming video's (not associated with them). They often concentrated on shorter faster runs getting the stacks fast in the Black Canyon Mines and Road to Alcarnus.

Here is my route:

- 5 stacks in Vault of Assassin (apparently a very low chance it will drop here, start here from waypoint of previous session to save alot of time).
My reasoning behind this is you can have the maximum run length and maintain the 5 stacks longer for the more useful areas that have been more often known to drop the Signet. Legendaries don't often drop before 3-4 stacks and these stacks can be maintained very quickly here and are guaranteed. No other areas besides the Oasis itself can guarantee 5 stacks quickly. On the Cuckoo route sometimes even after going to 3 different places I would only have 4 stacks once entering the Sewers (best place for signets). This happened despite adding the second sewers next to the Oasis for it's 1-2 elite packs. It was inconsistent and frustrating and the Vault is faster. All these areas can drop Signets.

-Black Canyon Mines
This area has up to 4 elite packs in one tiny area, you'd be insane to do a run without it.
-Road to Alcarnus
The first area after the bridge only, can have up to 3 elite packs and can be cleared in less than a minute.
These areas all drop the signet and likely have higher potential to drop it than given credit for. They naturally won't drop it often if you getting your stacks there. It is also low enough level that the Manald Heal may never drop forcing the Leoric ring instead. Within the first 2 runs I started this new route I got 3 legendary drops from these areas.

-Ruined Cistern sewers at the Path to the Oasis waypoint.
If you find the second elite pack early just exit right there and go to the Oasis for shortened times between packs.
-I go to that waypoint again and start on the Oasis itself.
I often don't use the next waypoint spawn within in the oasis itself because it's location is inconsistent. Once you find The Forgotten Ruins you can go back to this same waypoint and simply run in the opposite direction you did on the first try to clear it (if you don't finish the Forgotten Ruins with a convenient exit near you).

I clear the whole oasis to make the run as long as possible and keep those elite packs coming. To me starting over often to get 5 stacks is a much bigger waste of time, the reason I find all the best areas in the whole act to farm for it. I often only clear normal monsters if they are in the way and try not to use extra time to kill them (anything near dies instantly with the Mantra of conviction and Tempest Rush) unless there's a hoard of them.
Areas within the Oasis:
-Forgotten Ruins

-Flooded/Ancient Caves
Someone here posted that the monster levels in the flooded caves are to high, this is where my ring dropped so I'm biased towards it. :) That and the amount of elites you get from there simply can't be ignored along with the chests. I have also seen several reports from other players their rings dropped here, I'd say this is another underrated area.

-Tomb of Khan Dakab (middle of map and the only main even worth doing)
Lots of elites.

-Tomb of Sardar
Lots of elites.

-Swampy/Fisherman Cellar
Guaranteed elite pack within 5 seconds.

Some Signet farming guides are interesting, they emphasis getting stacks and than talk about the solo event elites in these areas. Sure, go ahead and kill them, but they are not much better than normal monsters. NV stacks don't work with them and there's no guaranteed rare. The standard elite packs are the only reasons I recommend these areas. Someone gets a screenshot of a legendary drop from a solo elite and everybody goes nuts, those same drops can come from any normal monster...

Chests, depends on how slow you are. Open them if you don't have much speed.

Having said that you need speed. I prefer not to open chests as it impedes on my speed to another elite pack. I use a cheap set ring for 12 percent speed with 12 percent boots, that gives one more percent speed than that recommended by Cuckoo (they used the low level Slave legendary) and it has magic find to help max it. So the ring is overall a better item to use over the armor.

With the monk build you want to have at least 13k DPS or it will take awhile to kill tough elites and it will lessen your efficiency. Avoid extra attack speed. A 2 handed axe is almost better as it has less frequent attacks than a monk staff. A high damage monk staff with Spirit Regen is acceptable. Otherwise tempest rush dies. I used a decent Stone of Jordan for extra Regen. Your helmet probably also needs it with a MF gem.

With this very fast Monk build I actually recommend slowing down a tad to be sure of your drops and turn your speaker volume up to hear when a Legendary drop sound. You don't want to miss them...

Overall these runs can be enjoyable if you don't overdo it. This build is very different from the build I generally use. Something about racing to the different areas at maximum speed is nice.

The Alkeizer runs with a Stone of Jordan and a good Leoric Signet gives amazing experience. I don't use the AH except for low level gear, occasional MF gear, and a Stone of Jordan. If your looking at my character, none of that stuff came from the AH, it's all dropped in-game (not the SOJ, but it cost less than 2 mil). I like Diablo more that way.

I looked for this Signet because I play solo and especially Hellfire farming is not going to happen until my DPS goes up. That may never happen unless I get good drops. On the upside I have tons of Legendaries for all the classes and they will level very fast to start. Well maybe not, I have a tendancy to also want to do MP10 from level 1-60. Without shared gear it took at least 200 hours for my starting character.

My next venture is the Puzzle ring which I may just sell to get a second low level Signet for my follower for another 4% experience. Nightmare actually gives good gold return and will allow me to get more Legendaries for other characters I play later, since I already have most of the Normal Legendaries. Just to clarify, Leoric's ring should be farmed on MP10 in Normal mode for proper monster levels. I hear The Oasis has a greater chance to drop a Manald Heal over a Leoric Signet making this ring somewhat tough to come by, but without a Hellfire ring I wouldn't mind a good roll with the Manald to use on new characters. :)

Please leave comments below...
If you look at my current profile (it will be removed if I decide to try for another) I now have a 30% Leoric's Signet on my Monk and the 28% on my follower. This gives me 1% more experience gain than a single Hellfire ring.

I did a few runs several days ago for about 2 hours and I come away with a 28% ring. I had never done this run before as I'd just sorted out all the details.

Yesterday I do about 5 runs and get a 30% Signet with 5 other Legendaries. An hour of gameplay and my Monk is now worth over 100 million. It dropped this time right on the Oasis, the day before it was in the Flooded Caves.

This run works guys. I believe it works better with longer runs because of the quirks of the RNG. You have to let it do it's thing and not start sessions over and over. It gives more Legendaries. More Legendaries means more Signets.
Pretty much the same run I do, except I avoid VoA altogether. I rarely start oasis without 5 stacks, and do on occasion get legs while building stacks.

My run: Sewers -> Black Canyon -> Ruined Cistern -> Oasis (same sidequests as you).

Here are more details on my route: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/7200033285

One thing I do is watch the minimap. I see a legendary ping on the map before it actually drops. That way i blow past all monsters and only circle back when i see a leg about to drop. Takes me 8-10 minutes, depending on how many dungeons spawn.
Yes, thank you. I have read this before. I used it to remember some of the areas. I owe you for a number of hours of testing, helping me streamline the Oasis a bit, which can be a beast if you don't know where to go. The only one I forgot is I always check 2 areas at the bottom of the Oasis to kill a few monsters and open yet another cave that can drop I think an item for the secret level from a chest. Ah yes, the Mysterious Cave. Anything to get more elites and consistency with the Oasis which is very inconsistent.

From all my experimentations I believe your route is quite valid. When I think about what drops I've gotten and where, the Oasis from sheer elite volume is going to drop the Signet more than any other area just because it's bigger, and despite not having perfect monster levels and often dropping the Manald Heal. On the Cuckoo video's they got 3 there in the Oasis, they were kind of mad and so stopped farming it. They used the waypoint trick for the forgotten Ruins and bypassed the whole Oasis (they all got Signet drops from the Forgotten Ruins), the same way I get to the Vault of Assassins every time. In my opinion they are lessening their chances to get the drop this way but I can't argue with their results. They concentrate in getting to the Sewers (one of the first waypoints) because that is where most of their Signet drops came from. But I'm sure that is because they did a run there with 5 stacks first every time. The same thing that makes having 5 stacks already when you run through the Black Canyon Mines and The Road to Alcarnus valid.

I personally find a longer run with more areas is funner. I don't feel as much like a robot as when I do those fast and tight runs with constant waypoint changes and always having wildly different results on when the 5 stacks complete. Vault of Assassins and the Oasis together on one run really seems to make the legendaries start dropping alot, especially once I get to the Oasis itself. This is the main reason I posted this longer run, it gave results for Legendary volume alone discounting any Signet drops themselves. Even if I hadn't found one Signet yet I'd still be doing this longer route.

I will let you guys know in the future if I decide to try getting a third ring. This way we can be sure what I received wasn't a freak accident. This would also be for the purpose of selling it and getting better gems for sockets ingame which are exorbitantly expensive (gems also increase your power in a very small way despite being expensive unlike items). Right now I want to do Inferno and gain paragon levels.

As I thought about it I realized it might be along time before I even try farming the Hellfire ring. The Leoric Ring makes the most sense for me right now. It just doesn't make sense using a Hellfire ring when without a Stone of Jordan even at no MP, farming is slow and I die. The Stone of Jordan right now is going to give me way better results than any buffs most Hellfire rings could give, and what I'm using only cost 400k on the auction house. The Leoric and Hellfire combined would kill my DPS and wouldn't work at all. That is, without using the AH first to make farming for and using it in combination with the Signet possible. Something I'm not interested in doing right now.

Every angle I look at it, using the AH to buy items will kill replay value for my Monk as well as any class I choose to play in the future. Sharing my own items with other classes is bad enough as I have tons of legendaries lined up for many different levels to help them along. This alone isn't so bad because with Monster Power I can still get a good challenge and make playing other classes worth it regardless of what items I use up through Hell-mode.

Finding my own Leoric's Signets was extremely rewarding but also very time consuming and so using them to level other classes will be a blast. I saw nothing wrong with purchasing them but even 1 would take a while since it would be at least 20 million and then I'd only have one... People talk about how farming Normal Mode is a waste of time, but I'd say it most certainly is not. And this is coming from someone who finds the value if gold itself to be quite low because I don't buy anything with it except underpowered super expensive gems. There is not much of a difference between a ruby that gives me 27% experience gain and one that gives 31% except in price, same with any bonuses from other gems. Also, once you get those gems you never need to buy or farm for them again. Your set for life, LOL. This game is just plain funny and pointless sometimes...
Yesterday after a solid day of farming split between nights I found a third signet for the purpose of purchasing gems. It was at 25% and is currently being sold on the auction house. Even if someone bought it at the minimum bid of 10,000,000 it would be 7 million more than I've ever had in my stash. This route works.

For all those who think Khasim Outpost is a good place to farm, the elite density after several visits was alarmingly low and it slowed down my Legendary drops. Stick to the routes laid out by others.

Right after I get my five stacks from the Vault I leave in hopes I don't get a legendary drop from there so getting a Signet is more likely. I have only received one there so far and so it doesn't really affect my odds much. I average about 1 legendary per run. It's pretty consistent.
Nice thread OP. I have probably done 100 runs with my wiz (PL 35) looking for the signet with no luck. Maybe ten other legs (no rings).

I'll give your run a shot as im open to anything at this point.
Thank you Pensfan. I hope your luck is better than mine lately. I didn't want to post again until I had something to add.

I added the area below the Black Canyon Mines to my run (not past the major roadblock towards town as no Elites spawn there) as well as everything after it up to the Road to Alcarnus, and I also go into virtually every dungeon along the way. This is somewhat like adding a 2nd Oasis to the run. It also greatly removes the disjointed feeling you have when changing map locations constantly and feels more like you're legitimately playing the game. This expands on my original idea that having more low level areas where the Manald Heal cannot really drop is a good idea. No rings with quite a bit of farming but some very interesting things going on here when the run was expanded, which I would like to share. I still haven't gotten that level 20 ring (Manald) to drop either.

The very next run after I expanded to more areas I received 2 legendaries in a row from standard elites (not packs, the ones that spawn for random events and storyline and don't work with NV) on the Oasis itself when I had NEVER received in weeks of farming the Signet before. I have since had at least 6 legendaries drop from these Elite monsters. Now I kill as many of them as possible each run. I don't know that it actually increases the drop rate of Legendaries, that is probably unchanged, but it in itself seems to be a legit way to get them. I will mention a few oddities about these other areas. I'll combine all the random events into one, I'll never remember what spawns where.

The ruins and any other dungeon area are good with the exception of the Abandoned Mines which is a complete waste of time (takes several minutes just to kill one elite). I complete all the quests in the middle of the map. One quest with a necromancer I speed up but pressing ESC alot and activating both shrines before I kill the monsters. Another quest I complete and don't report back to the Necromancer for the quest reward to save time and just kill the Elite and move on, I do this for several quests actually. The best and fastest quest is the frightened child. You get an actual elite pack from it, something the Oasis itself lacks in random events. To me anything that increases the constant rolling for items as often as possible each run will keep legendaries dropping.

I'm high enough paragon now that I actually equipped 3 items for increased speed to go from 34% to 35...

I feel I misjudged the other areas people don't often use harshly and they are equally good for legendaries. Also receiving an occasional drop from the Vault can at least give you the full variety of legendaries in normal mode, a useful sidequest to collect them for new starting characters. But I am not so sure these new areas actually help with the Leoric's Signet itself and may be a hindrance. I change my run, usually receive at least one legendary per run, and no Signet. I did test all these areas and they are all capable of dropping a level 17 rare ring (level 14 required) and so the Signet could drop in any of these areas just like the Black Canyon Mines.

Why exactly I farmed Normal mode so much is probably because I felt like I made more money on the AH selling legendaries than I did in inferno. Because as a main I don't buy items on the AH, I keep legendaries I find for future characters and only make ingame money when farming Inferno. Inferno viability is finally changing as my gems upgrade (the only reason for me to make money) and my items and concept of the game slowly changes. It is true with others say, the game punishes you for focusing on defense and all out DPS is the way to go. The exception being not enough DPS in which case more defense is better (probably anything below 30k) just to stay alive long enough to kill what your fighting.

I also found myself somewhat obsessive in looking for this ring. 3 certainly met my goals but I wouldn't mind a few more. LOL. I may need to go back to my original farming method above even if it drives me batty. We'll see. I really like a much longer run and really wish we could access other areas outside each act without losing stacks (like killing the main boss and progressing forward) but that sadly isn't an option. Might as well save and exit and start again with all checkpoints unlocked. The only real purpose of going through the story is for fun, since it's not that efficient.
Sorry for bringing up an old thread but I watched cuckoo gamin vid and they farmed this ring at mp0. does it make a huge difference farming at mp0 and mp10?
My kids found it in 10 mins. Dalgur Oasis. Just let them use my wiz and set it up mp 10. Not even sure about stacks as I was just watching them enjoy diablo. Then boom! It drops! Lucky kids!!! Been looking for that ring for at least 8 months and it just drops for them in 10 minutes of playing diablo... LOL
Btw, dropped from an elite snake...
I got mine with 50 runs. I have max MF at 475 solo. I use a barb who's movement speed with sprint is over 75%.

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