Lord joch does it again

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i know this is overused but....

just embarrased waynold in azmodan times. was about to embarass him again with my Skorn tdps times vs his dw tdps times but my mouse pooped on me, and he left before i got a chance to grab another. I believe the times were my 1.20 second azmodan kill vs his 1.50 azmodan kill. Il have a new mouse tmrw and il invite him again to embarass his dw tdps compared to my 1.6 skorn ias.
Record it Wayne...

This will be entertaining... Woot!
Joch can you try something other then the fattest slowest mob in the Game? Youknow cause 99% of the Game isn't a mob the size of your screen
That cost 600m?
my gear cost 40m o.-
Lets this be a lesson to you kids... Hanging "Lord" in front of your name will get you trolled, long and hard and deeply by teh internets.
matter of fact, going to best buy now. getting a new mouse. Il be back, be ready waynoob
This thread is on the front page!
Acrimony's 2 greatest rival are arguing

All we need is Bruce Buffer... "And in this corner!"

I'll see you here, next time, inside the uber-gon! *fistpump*


bro you got scammed... forreal.
seriously... you spent 600 mil on THAT!?!???

WTF man.... WTF. Go ahead and say how much better it is than mine, I did mine on a 3 mil budget just for kicks, I am not a big barb fan. I also have a level 60 of every char and am VERY casual, so none of my chars are all that amazing. But I kinda have to laugh at anyone that ends up with less than 100k damage after spending 600mil. With 600 mil I could easily hit the breakpoints and give way more damage than that. It is kinda sad IMO




bro you got scammed... forreal.

And this.

Can we see the buyout list of what he actually spent, and then laugh as he took 500m from you?
Lets Get in On Boys !!!
I'm willing to bet the guy that did the gearing had an alt with auctions set up with WAY overpriced buyouts or something... either that, or he just straight up stole 300-400m cash from the budget.

Honestly, I'd LOVE to see some screenshots of your Auction House Completed tab...

I'm not trying to be a !#@@!!%% to the OP either, I'm just telling you straight up, 600m is WAYYYYY overpriced for the gear your received.

I'd bet 100m I could build a better set for 250-300. Guaranteed.

I feel sorry for you, OP... using a "gearing service"... if you had spent a day or two researching top geared barb's profiles and taking notes on what types of gear they use, you could of easily done MUCH better for yourself without getting scammed by this loser.
Sweet!! its been said many times before, but make sure you record it!!
because i hear spamming azmodan with HoTA is hard stuff

2hander doesn't have a prayer against a comparably geared WW barb on a target that actually moves
Ok, so he wanted to pick the fattest, slowest mob in in the game, and I went ahead because I wanted to see where I stacked up....results were this:

Wayneold: 1 min 44 sec kill time

The Scrub Joch: 1 min 26 second kill time

He beat me by 18 seconds....all that chest pounding about DPS and talk of being the best barb ever....and he beat someone with 183k DPS by 18 seconds on an immobile boss.....

The test went like this....we would both join, one of us would die, then the other one would get Azmo down real low in health before dying so we could reset....and although he did beat me, that was NOT the challenge in the very least, plus I don't remember anything like this happening during my run:

Is that where his mouse pooped out?
The challenge was for Uber run carry MP10 right?
Lol, yeah, there are 3 more vids just like it

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