Diablo III Players Banned for Botting

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And what about trade scammers?
12/30/2012 12:29 PMPosted by Sorc
And what about trade scammers?


With Diablo III, our goal is to provide players the means to effectively protect themselves from scams. Customer Support will not be able to intervene in cases where one player takes advantage of another. Because of this, it is up to every player to be aware of the systems in Diablo III that will protect them and exercise good judgment when trading with others in-game.
Dear Blizz,
You banned my 25 gold farming accounts. I would just like to say thank you for letting me get away with this for so long. I thought we had a good thing going, I mean we worked well together. I put gold/items on the RMAH, you got your 15% i got my "profit" and we kept it going for quite some time. Now I am sure that you have hit your 10 million plus profit off transaction fees and can now afford to make your expansion. So I will wait until it comes out and bot the FREAKING CRAP OUT OF THAT GAME UNTIL THE ECONOMY IS SO MESSED UP..... sorry I lost my temper. I'll just see myself out.
there is hope for this game after all, thank you blizzard!
I think system for catching botters is very simple.
Someone or some program makes 1 normal non-agrresive mob inside 1 group.It has god mode.Someone who lets say will enable bot program for night and will met this kind of mob will keep hitting him.Because that way the bot works.It don't recognize something has godmode (i think),so it will try to kill it :D.
Why do i think that? Cause i was playing without a break from 1-till now(4:30) and met that kind of thing.Did some ss,it has godmode and was just standing there.

Hope i don't get banned or "marked" on some list.

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