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I have purchased a Immortal King Triumph for $30 order ID 125240001 on 23.12.2012, it's showing that the payment has be processed(hasn't been claimed), and I do not see the item in the completed items box? I've tried other method posted from others in the forum by relog/existing/ restarting computer/ waiting for half an hour etc and Ive posted a request to help in the forum straight away and they told me to come here... :( now i'm anxious that my other item which i've purchased after that would end up the same...please HELP


Allow it some more time, and if it hasn't been sent within 72 hours from the purchase time, submit a support ticket. I see no problems with the transaction itself other than it was recent so in all likelihood, it just hasn't cleared all the hurdles yet.

This article will lead you through the process.


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