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While whiling away some hours farming I got to thinking about these updates that Blizzard are doing and how there will be support for clans etc (as far as I know).
The thought occured to me, that should be an Australian Clan where we can all get together, trade gear, talk crap (as we are want to do), assist one another (say keywarden runs), etc.
Basically band together under our flag; should invite our kiwi brothers and sisters (in the ANZAC tradition) too.
As far as servers are concerned we may be at the !@#$ end of globe, but we still gotta count for something.
It wouldn't matter if you play 1 hour or month or you only sleep 1 hour a month (and play the rest of the time).
Just something to solidfy us as a community - 'mateship' in Sanctuary if you will.

Nothing owed but a little aussie spirit in joining our fellow blokes and shelias (couldn't pass up one ocker bit).

Any thoughts?
i would be interested in joining an aussie clan if one does eventually get created.....
I have a question for those who use a wiz, im confused as to what the weapon it speaks about, for example majic missle is 126% of weapon - - damage.
what weapon, if i have a 3 wand is it 126% x 3 or if i had a sword of 10 would it be 126% x 10.
confussed please help
There was a clan once called "Calamity" (Website now defunct) due to the uselessness of D3 beginning and issues along the way it died due to losing members to other games at a significant rate.

And with D3 current position, I think holding people in a clan for an extended time on D3 the exact same thing would happen again. I myself have been logging in less and less over the past few weeks, after farming act3 for 1000's of times, it gets a bit dull when I pass up 99% of items dropped on the ground.

But if you do get one off the ground, good luck with it, as I am sure there will be a few people keen to give it a go.


Heya, I'm totally keen for an Aussie clan! My friends list is looking a bit dead and would love to play with some people who are actually online when i am. Sign me up!
I'm also keen to join, so I'm not restricted to play with my friend friends only also get in touch with others inside of D3 to have more fun.
Keen kiwi here!! soo damn sick of logging into public games full of bots. would be great to see some recognizable names
damage is a factor of 3 things, weapon damage x skill multipler (the 126% of you magic missle) x primaary stat (wiz INT)
so a sword with a 100DPS x 126% x 400% (INT of 400 for arguments sake) would work out to

100 x 126% x 400%

Grab a culcualtor and see how it works out for ya mate.

Any corrections welcome if cocked that up

Edit: Fixed a typo
Totally understand your perspective Ferret - sorry to hear we;re loosing you mate.
To those who are keen, thats great news.
I'm happy to get the ball rolling - I guess we just have to wait until Blizzzard get the functionality in (should be around the time of SC2 HotS release (March 12 2013)...

We gonna go with a wank factor name or something a little simpler the the AU/NZ Legion?
Any ideas? Do we go the whole 9 on a web site or just make a loose affilication??

its after 3,30am, let me know.

Edit: Fixed a typo
I pray they add clan support to D3 around HotS release, but I wouldn't hold my breath.

I think it will come but I'd say it won't be for awhile till after HotS is out. I fully support an ANZ clan though, if you guys form it and want to use my vent and/or want a channel or such just let me know!
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There not spelling mistakes, Im speaking 'Ye Old English'
G'day all,
Thanks for chiming in Narull the clan support time frame is indeed speculation on my part, based on the Beta of HotS has coan and group support included. So I'm hopeful.

But I have started building a web site based on tis idea. A clan based around Australian and New Zealand only
If you all would like to spread the word and start recuiting that would be great. More details to follow.
Watch this space.
Forther info reguarding clan support:
If anyone is interested, there is a small community of ANZ players here: It's not very active atm, but is a good site that could assist with a home base for a clan.
Just registered

Under construction details and first 2 pages of site to go live soon

Edit: fixed a typo
Great idea!
Once the clan is up and running, let know so they can give it some exposure on twitter.
another kiwi here, i would be keen for this. i want some people to jam with. gets boring with no one to run with for fun.
Great idea, it would be good if everyone in the clan could start using Xfire, it is a great ingame messaging program and is perfect for clans like this to organize events and for members to contact each other.

Or perhaps make a channel in Narull's vent server for the Southern Legion? That way everyone can jump on and talk to one another and organize parties/farming runs.
Count me in, interested as well. Kiwi here!
I didnt expect a reponse this quick or this excited.
So in Aussie (& Kiwi) tradition...
Ill upload what ive done on the site tonight or tomorrow

Welcome to the guild guys, we can organise offical stuff later... for now lets just say we've begun The Southern Legion (name can be changed by popular vote).

Thanks for the show of support Arcagnion & Narull - Lets get some stuff in place and then blow this whistle on the fact we're here.

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