14 million for an upgrade

Is it possible?

I'm having a hard time finding anything in the AH for that price that would be worth it. All of the gear I currently have was either self-found (only the IK gloves, actually), or bought from GAH for far less than 14m per item. I've probably spent 6-8m per slot, actually. Seems like that there's no middle ground between where I am, and the gear that goes for 100m+ (which seems impossible unless I use RMAH - not happening - or I get stupid lucky with a drop that sells for approx the same amount - which obviously has not happened yet).

So, any ideas? Or, better yet, if you have anything that is a significant upgrade(s) that you're willing to sell for 14m, add me. RemyZ#1106

If 14m isn't enough, how much do I need? To be honest, 14m is just about the most gold I've ever had at any given time.
Still looking for help on this if there's anyone that isn't sleeping/hungover today.
how do you even play without any +ms gear is a mystery to me.

Either get a mempo with 180 str 80 vit for 15M, or a belt with 180 str, +10% life/80 vit for 15M. Or a better ring.
how do you even play without any +ms gear is a mystery to me.

Either get a mempo with 180 str 80 vit for 15M, or a belt with 180 str, +10% life/80 vit for 15M. Or a better ring.

What? My Mempo has 172 str and 10% life ... and my belt has 190+ str. I assume +ms is for main stat?
upgrading dps from your gear level is going to cost a lot more gold now. I would save up and get 100m per slot upgrades.

You are missing average damage on your jewelry. I would start there.
ms = movement speed
Thanks, George. Living in an abbreviated world really drives me nuts sometimes.

Phat, I hear what you're saying and that's more or less what I expected. It's fairly discouraging though, I've never come anywhere close to 100m+.
You dont really need 100M per slot, at your level, there are still alot of room for improvement. I know because I just sold off my barb set 2 days ago, which i put together 2 weeks ago, and hated it.

Suggestions (from most urgent to the least)

1. Mempo - get one with 170 str, and 70 vit, for 15M.
2. Boots - get Firewalkers, they have 230 str, 130 vit, comparable to your current stats, and you lose +resist for Movement speed.
3. Rings - get 1 with avg dmg (25+), AR(45+), IAS (7), CC(4.5), with either str/vit/life%, this should boost your dmg up. (price varies, but you can get 1 for about 5M+ if you are lucky)
4. Strongarm bracers - really, get 1 with 150 str, 55 AR, about 3M, net stats are the same as yours, and you gain % life, but yours has higher CC so this is low on your list.
5. Belt - get 1 with 180 str, 70 vit, about 15M.

You might also want to consider rare shoulders soon, with 240 str, 70 vit, 60AR, 5% life, about 5-15M. And I am not a fan of Blackthornes, but you clearly need the LOH as you have no other sustain on your equipment.

The suggestions above can be done with about 60M, and in stages, so no need to rush, look for deals, but its the most logical pathway.

Edit * if you can get 1 extra resist, fire is the way to go, given your slow MS, molten is going to kill you. Arcane is good too, cold/lightning isnt that good.
I agree ring and ammy can be upgraded for less than 100m but everything else isnt a dps upgrade. EHP is important, but you have enough to not require more.

I cannot play with less than 23MS but your build isn't double nado. Most people will not drop monster stats for more MS.

I would advise against adding any vit/AR on your jewelry unless it is free. PUtting these ehp stats there will make it hard to upgrade.
He isnt going to be able to upgrade his DPS anymore given his budget, the only slots left for more DPS are amulet and 1 ring slot. His HP isnt exactly high enough and it should be upgraded IMO, unless he runs lower MPs, but without 24MS that is inefficient also. His weapon has max dps, all its lacking is Lifesteal for sustain. (those would be expensive even if he gets a lower dps one.)

Good amulets that would improve his DPS are rather hard to find, give his already has massive str and CC, adding anymore dmg modifiers would skyrocket the price beyond reasonable budgets.

The easiest way to improve would be the ring, I have been shopping alot for rings, and AR is really underrated in rings. Generally IAS/CC/CD rings are massively overpriced and arent even that good due to low rolls, high rolls usually costs 500M and above.

Avg dmg, IAS CC rings are the best and most affordable option for him, those are cheap, you can even add in AR, str for a minimal price, why not do it, it frees up AR in armor slots for massive stats/MS (rare pants/chests/firewalkers).

I find it weird people think AR shouldnt be on ammys/rings, but I feel that unless you can afford a really good dmg ammy/ring, those are the stats you should be placing on your jewelry. He wouldnt harm his upgrade path anyway,
Maxing damage on a ring with 30-60 dam, 80str, 8ias+, 4.5+cc will cost anywhere from 10-50mil depending on the day. Adding any AR to that makes it much more expensive. If you are using budget jewelry with lower dps mods or average damage then yes AR may be free. If you are trying to be cost efficient and get to mid tier dps, putting AR or vit on your jewelry isn't the route you should take.

If you can find it for free, then of course snatch it up.

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