Crossfire enabled, but 1 card idle -- SOLVED

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I've got a crossfire enabled setup and just ran 3dMark to verify proper operation. When I play D3, one card goes to the 725 MHz core and heats up to 63C, the other hangs at 157 MHz with a temp down at 38C. The GPU Load on card 1 gets to around 75% and #2 stays at 0. Both cards are ATI 5850s. Any idea why card #2 doesn't get used?

Just a follow up, I got a 217 monster massacre (golf clap) and during this spree my 2nd card finally went up to 725MHz, didn't notice the utilization since I was a little busy.

Is it perhaps that the 2nd card just isn't needed most of the time?
change your display settings to full screen
01/04/2013 05:56 AMPosted by iMAGEek
change your display settings to full screen

TYVM -- problem solved.

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