Getting sick of saving for big item...

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Get a 2 OS manti to stack CD + a nats helm w CC n you should see your DPS exploding upwards.

I always like to do smaller upgrades to keep myself motivated in this game.

Yes, prices are dropping and all but there's no point in waiting for so long. In the end, nothing happens cos you would have already quit.

Enjoy the game, find a way...Cheers.

May the RNG be always in your favour....LOL
Thanks for the advice MFCA, appreciate it!
...don't know how you guys do it. Have been saving up for about 3 weeks now for a major upgrade and I'm still like 50 million short. Only have about 160 million right now and I seems like it will be another few weeks before I get to 250 million.

I only have the time to play for about 2 or 3 hours max a day and half that time is spent helping my low level friends level up.

I need a decent drop soon because my motivation to keep farming is dropping.

dude, dont even worry about it. by the time you get that 50m the item you're looking for will have bumped up another 50m.
yeah, look at the gold price
this is exactly why i bought gold. i'm too impatient. i see an item i like, and i always seemed to be a day late and a dollar short.
I agree with others. Your gear is good, but there are some places you can upgrade nicely for 50m in three spots instead of blowing it all in one spot. You will notice the biggest difference by spreading it out and seeing what you can do. Always use a DPS calculator too to help from being disappointed.
what is this "saving" you guys are talking of?

I managed to save ONCE, I wanted the zerg wings so I saved $60 on my bnet balance. but most of the time when I sell small items I change it to gold right away.
I've only had 200m twice, because I sold items for that much. didnt last a day (or a even a few hours for that matter ;) )

I've had 400m twice, the first time was because I got two decent drops in one day (really got lucky that day) the second time i saved up to 400m, but not intentionally, it was simply because I couldn't find something worth buying. Good items were a bit overpriced imo. So eventually i spent 97m last week on the ammy im currently wearing. I didnt really care if it was a good deal or not, just wanted to spend something. :p

So to answer OP's question, you'll have to either buy gold or keep playing (hope for a good drop along the way).
Chocko - I'm a little confused - your gear is ok but not godly. You should be able to find plenty of upgrades for ~10million to your current gear.

I don't advise trying to go from current to BIS at this point - you still have a few increment to go before getting there.

E.g., some obvious upgrades to me are:

- Better nat's helm that has CC
- Upgrade your gems - e.g., it's a crime to not have a 100% CD gem in your weapon
- vile ward with 240+ dex
- nat's boots with 240+ dex
I have had 2m twice, perhaps I might see it a third time if Shen doesn't take it away. Pretty much all my expenses are towards upgrading gems for all my guys.
honestly, call it dishonorable, but spend $13.75 and buy the 50mil
12/18/2012 07:40 AMPosted by x0pht
the second time i saved up to 400m, but not intentionally, it was simply because I couldn't find something worth buying. Good items were a bit overpriced imo.

I'm up to 400M too. Still looking for a good upgrade that isn't really overpriced. :-/
Diablo 3 - $60.
Gold purchase - $250.
Having not to waste time and energy hunting for gear - priceless.
A good deal always comes along! I lost a bidding on a nice pair of gloves when someone went all in 900m on it with about 5 hours to go (my max was 850m) Just when I was a little frustrated an even better pair of dps gloves popped out with only 600m buyout! =)

Good deal is happening everyday, you just have to have enough saving to snag it instantly.

Gold purchase - $250.

Heh. I'd say you spent a little more than $250..
Broke down and started spending.

Upgraded bow for an addition 31K DPS with the upgrade gem.

(not the bow in my profile)
aaaannnddd.....a CC Nat's Helm
log off so we can see. the profile updates have been fixed.
whoever is gettin 150k/day is doin sumfin wrong....

for me there is a difference between xp farming and farming.

I usually do leg farming mp3-5 and xp farming is mp0/1

I want the higher MF and GF for normal farming and I make a lot more than 150k a day.

I'd do one or the other... if you wanna paragon farm... don't pick stuff up with exception of jewelry and legs of course. I usually also pick up gloves as they tend to roll decent stats on them.

whether you are xp farming or doing normal farming I do recommend at least 13yrd pickup to suck in as much gold as you can without having to move too much to get to it.

a week ago... I was at 10m... then up to 90m... then back to 20m... now back up to 60m. I don't really run any MF gear although I may have it on one item or so just because it happend to be there. my paragon and MP level and NV stack is almost all my MF other than leech from follower. been gettin a lot of leg/set item drops over the last week. Even though most were brimstone. One was 80m sale... found a inna chest from a gob yesterday only worth 5m ... but still... the drops should be happenin for you. Great Legs to be found on MP0/1 as well during xp farming.
12/18/2012 12:35 PMPosted by blkdrgn
log off so we can see. the profile updates have been fixed.

Updated now. Didn't want to spend all my gold at once. New helm + New Bow + Upgrade Ruby + Upgrade Emerald my DPS has gone from 134K-180K. (Non SA/SS).

Still have gold to spare....need to work on my AR next so thinking about going for a better Nat's with AR? Also need to get more CD so will have to improve my jewelery.

The bow isn't anything special but it was much cheaper than the others in the price range and gave me the most DPS for the price. Not much but it's a start.

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