Getting spammed to death!!!

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Please blizzard please save me!!!

I am getting spammed everyday with friend invites. Please create an option that prevents random bots from befriending me. I opened a ticket and this is their response:

Customer Service Representative


One thing you could do is go to the Options on the Character Selection screen. Go into the Social tab and there is an option for "Friend Requests". If disabled, it'll block incoming requests.

If this response is unclear or you need further assistance please reply back to the ticket. ("\(^.^) /wave

Take care and enjoy,

Game Master Lormiele
Blizzard Entertainment"

This does "NOT" work. Reporting them doesn't work either. They have millions of bots. It's like diablo2 spam bots all over again. Why can't you create a game that can be free of spam?
Same here.

And what bugs me even more is that same nicknames are spamming me for weeks. I tried to report them, I tried "block communication" - it does not help!!! Remove them for god's sake!

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