Input limit reached... in the middle of game?

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I was just about to invite my friend to come kill a2 warden with me, was running around, and got "input limit reached." Had nothing to do with joining games or any sort of "input." I had very recently left gen chat, but it didn't seem exactly cause/effect.

What's behind this? Is it just a typical DC? In all my time playing your game I've never seen it.
Yeah... it's annoying... I get it a lot when im browsing the auction house or when im declining the massive amount of spam friend request. input limit is dumb... i get why it's there but it's affected legit players.

anyways bump for you, not sure whats up man.
yeah same here, I've gotten it for those reasons, but not in the middle of a game... when I'm not "inputing" anything.
hey, activisionblizzard, respond to a loyal player who' put in a lot of time into your product, please. Thank you.

I should not have to ask for this.

edit: sorry forgot it was xmas eve

I've had this happen as well when browsing completed auctions in the log history in the Auction House, but never in-game.

I'd need to see your D3Debug.txt file posted but it would have to be right after the error occurred. It's located in the main Diablo III game folder. Edit out your account name first though before posting. It's going to appear in a few places in the file.

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