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I have looked into the mim reqs and compatable video cards and have been unable to determine if this computer I am looking at will run D3. I cannot do a dxdiag on this machine as I have not purchased it as of yet. I wanted to check and see if this would be sufficient.

The Asus Essentio 8GB Desktop
Intel 3rd Gen Core i7
3.4GHz 8Gb RAM
NVIDIA GT 620 2GB Video Memory

Your help and thoughts are much appreciated. Thanks!

It will run Diablo III as-is but I'd consider upgrading the video card. The GT 620 isn't really very good for gaming.

Here's a chart showing a quick performance comparison between it and other newer cards.
Omrakos, thanks so much for the prompt reply. Hopefully the FPS will be ok for me to run it as is. While I would prefer the investment of a functionally higher end card, due to cost limitations I am limited to going lower end and will eventually move up the ladder (of course after wife approval :))

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