Hero list not working

Bug Report
I was in a game with my friend playing Diablo 3 when all of a sudden a popup came for both of us that said we had lost connection to Battle.net severs and then was forced to the main menu screen. After trying to make a game with my friend another popup came up and said unable to make game and forced me and my friend to the log in menu. I then tried to log in everything was fine but the hero list did not tick and none of my heroes were there but my friend could log in fine. I tried logging in several times but it didin't work, also on my friends screen it says im online when im offline and in the menus. I don't know if im hacked or what. I'm using a windows 8 Samsung notebook and my friend's laptop is a windows 7 computer. Hopefully this is only and will be fixed. And if i have been hacked then i expect a account recovery.

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