What Really Makes D3's Atmosphere Less Dark?

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Because some lead game designer decided that D3 should be suitable for his kid daughter to play without suffering nightmares, hence all the Disney crap and friendly villains.

I mean, who cares about the other 99.9% fanbase who were actually hoping for something malevolent and evil, a true sequel of D1/D2?

I think I'll actually go back to D2 for now.
Diablo never got "dark" right.

Doom 3 did..
hur hur hur hur you can't stop death hur hur hur hur

...and the Saturday morning cartoon villain saga begins anew.
12/30/2012 01:59 PMPosted by Necx
one of the first complaints besides graphic style was how blurry the game is..

I never understood this complaint. The game is not blurry at all. I think people need to wash their eyeballs or something.
12/30/2012 12:54 PMPosted by TheRaven
since you visit them so often and they always say the same things over and over

"Well. What kin I do fer ya?"
That quote has been burned into my brain.

3. NPC Chatter

This, I don't think is nearly as much of a problem as boss chatter. You even hear Diablo talking to his various stooges about "omg if you don't kill him then you'll be dead too" immediately after just telling you that you have no chance at winning.

I recall Diablo from Diablo1 said a lengthy peice before attacking you. All bosses in Diablo2 kept it very short and sweet. "Looking for Baal?" /attack.

What really got me (in a positive way) about the atmosphere of Diablo was the ghostly flute music toward the end of Diablo1. To me, I envisioned something like an old Civil War battle tune being played; phasing in and out as if it has been continuously playing for over a century.

We won't ever see anything like that again from Blizzard.
Alright im gonna beat that dead horse for a moment. Got worked up and gotta get this out.Why is everything in this game so stupid cheesy! Every other npc is comic relief joke. Butcher needing an intro wtf! Why wasnt he butchering. Where the dead bodies everywhere and hanging from racks. He says veggi bad meat good for !@#$s sake come on. When there are tragic characters their presentation is just lame. Was anyone horrified by Hedrigs dead wife...no it was a laughable event. There should be characters like Farnham. Original tristram is so well done. D3 people do not seem like they are livning a hell. Nobody comes off mystical/mysterious, desperate/tragic, possessed/demented. When they try they are comical. So much corny cheese i dont even try to list it. Even the enemies are goofy. Whats up with that? Diablo1 enemies were some scary %^-* and d2 radaments, goatmen, ..cant remember more but they were all around more frightening. Those things that come up out the ground d1 scary and countess bathing in blood of thousand virgins pool of blood was disturbing. There is nothing like that in d3 that sets any kind of tone like that. OK exhausted and got that feeling out. D3 had epic moments but thats not what it needed. Needs disturbing, creepy, horrifying. The ending of diablo1 and marius is tone thats missing in cutscenes.
Ranted this in hc forum but this is where it should be.
you forgot a big one, and that is ART DIRECTION, look at the color scheme of the two and youll see what I mean
The general consensus is... <snip> to avoid TL;DR


A fair portion is bought under parent supervision. Make it more appealing to them and you get a fair amount of more SALES.

The all knowing eye of the boardroom really isn't worried about content only the politically correct perception of content.
Because the game is not realistic. I know i know its a fantasy game with fantasy creatures, BUT corpses are not flying like parer airplanes, hurting makes monsters scream no darkness. Yes i said darkness. When you sawed last time in a horror movie the main screens in day light? Fields of misery, highlands, etc nothing scary at all! With light radius only a limited space was visible, the most not(means everything could be there, scary right?). And we got stupid things too, fist skills... uhh this hurts me. Fighting more than 1 monster is much more worthy then facing 1 enemy at a time loooool 1 monster should be enough bad already.
09/28/2013 11:27 AMPosted by MrWinkles
Was anyone horrified by Hedrigs dead wife...no it was a laughable event.

I dunno. I'd say that's one of the few things they did very well. It actually sounds like she's having major problems breathing and you could imagine somebody going through some kind of zombie transformation saying exactly that, exactly in the way she said it.

I don't like that the default follower script goes something like "we should be prepared to finish this if he can't." Well we know that Haedrig's not going to do anything. He hits for like -4dps. It's a cold-hearted wording that I'd expect from the templar, but not from the hero and everybody else.

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