What Really Makes D3's Atmosphere Less Dark?

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Lack of visual ambient darkness is one of the things I hated most about WoW. I really miss the light radius thing and night time for sure
When the Butcher cutscene first played, I knew immediately what "not dark enough" meant.

It reminded me of Bart Simpson as the "I didn't do it" kid. Someone liked it the first time around so they completely over did it for the sequel. The Butcher became a satire of himself.

"Vegetable bad, meat good"? Awful.
I liked lightning in WoW, together in music it made the atmosphere of most locations. But WoW was meant more to be epic, not scary, which Diablo - at least the first - was meant to be....
1) Infinite Light Radius (or lack of Light Radius as a mechanic)

2) Lighter, more cartoony graphics / loss of gothic motif

3) Soundtrack / Ambience

4) PG-13: Lack of pentagrams, upside down crosses, blood, etc... very 'real world' magical mystical fears. Replaced with a suspension-of-disbelief environment with moon physics and etc.
Over-exposure of tyrael is interesing.

He was a mysterious awesome angel of kickassness in diablo 2.

That mystique was really destroyed with him becoming human, following you on quests etc.

Please make Tyrael an angel again in the expansion. Please please please.
Also, there's no day/night cycles AND NO RAIN!

Remember rain in diablo 2?

It would just start raining.

Great atmosphere creator.

It's so strange that a game so old, was more advanced in many little ways. just very very strange.

You can tell project meetings things like day/night cycles and rain would be considered small and insignificant enough.

But when you keep making decisions to omit these little cool atmosphere creators the end result is going to be less than we expected.
Yes, I miss the weather effects. Every time I go into the Fields of Misery I think "why can't it rain in other areas too?"

Also, no snow in act 3 except in small areas in the underground side dungeons. Wouldn't it be cool to fight through a snowstorm with the limited visibility? Like reverse light radius!
According to JW:

merc1024: About the dialogue and story. You brought in some nice talent to do the voices for the game (some examples being Jennifer Hale as Leah, Steve Blum as Zoltun Kulle, and my favorite, Claudia Black as Cydaea). However some of the lines of dialogue in the game just made me cringe. I mean Belial isn’t a great liar, Azmodan is constantly telling me what he’s doing, and "I AM THE PRIME EVILLLLL!" I know at Blizzard, gameplay always comes first which is great and I think you did a fantastic job, but that doesn’t mean story isn’t important; So uhh… no offense intended, but really, what happened? Did your QA team not say anything or what

Jay Wilson: Agree to disagree? We get lots of compliments on the story and dialogue. It's a hard area to make everyone happy, and a lot of things we do to make goals obvious for some players make them feel over-stated to others. We never tried to make War and Peace, just a decent pulpy story about heroes fighting demons.

Well, in Diablo 1, I got the feeling that everything was GRIM. The King went mad. The town-folks got decimated by the Butcher (due to a trap laid by Lazarus). The water supply is "poisoned" (random quest). Wirt got his leg cut!

I mean, you go in a town and things are NOT looking well. You are some random dude going in that town to help them. They don't see you as a God or anything. You're just one of many "heroes" going there to help them.

In Diablo 3, they keep telling you how badass you are, how strong you are (or how powerful you are). While the situation in New Tristam is grim, it's not nearly as dark as in Diablo 1. You're not just a regular "hero", you're a overpowered guy -_-
For the sound track, this is what I use when playing D3

This thread reminds me of the atmosphere that Diablo 1 brought to gaming... It was... epic. Specially the ambient sounds, the screams, the noises... just... epic.
I tought the Cathedral and Halls of Pain were pretty spot on as far as "diabloesque" atmosphere is concerned...

All-in-all I can say I pretty much liked both games the same, but it's mainly because I'm one of those infamous casuals (aka n00bs) that apparently are dooming the world of videogame industry and diii pretty much was designed with the likes of me as a target audience.
No Light Radius
Act 4 was a disappointment, I was hoping for it to be really dark and sinister but it was the complete opposite.

I hope that the future bosses (probably Azmodan's remaining 5 lieutenants) will not say things like "meat good vegetable bad".

Leoric - I didn't like the way he was so vocal. I mean as an undead skeleton king, he is talking way too much.

Butcher - Same as Leoric, too vocal.

Spider Queen/Magdha/Zultan Kulle - No comments. I don't like Zultan's dungeons though, too much fireworks and bangs.

Belial - Would have love to see more of him and explore the palaces in act 2.

Siege Breaker/Ghom - Good.

Cydea - Disappointment. I was hoping she could do better than just summon tiny spiders.

Azmodan - Too vocal.

Act 4 - Disappointment...

12/30/2012 05:01 PMPosted by ChainSmoker
I tought the Cathedral and Halls of Pain were pretty spot on as far as "diabloesque" atmosphere is concerned...

I also like Act 3's Arreat Crater and the Towers designs, those massive demons in the background and lava everywhere is amazing.
Its because Blizzard never really designed D1 and D2, expect for Chris Metzen doing the art and flavor text in the manuals. D1 and D2 used 3D Max for its graphics instead of hand drawn like we see in D3. The music too. Matt Ulemann's haunting music for D1 and D2 set it apart from Russel Brower with D3 (not saying the latter is a bad composer; just different).
WhoaFoogles: The story of Diablo 3 has received a lot of criticism for both its actual content and writing and for its presentation (e.g. intrusive cutscenes and linear "on rails" progression). I love the game, but must admit some heavy disappointment when it came to furthering and enriching the lore of the Diablo universe.
What lessons have you learned from the backlash that you plan to apply to D3's expansions or further games in the franchise (or even other Blizzard titles)?

Jay Wilson: We answered this question in other threads, but the recap is: we disagree and have gotten mostly great feedback on the story.

Notice the word "mostly". It's better to pay attention to the criticism because if you DO pay attention and try to fix what people are being critical over then not only will those people like the game more, but the people in the "great feedback" will be even happier.

12/30/2012 03:50 PMPosted by Scharnvirk
5) The Butcher from D3 vs The Butcher from D1.

I cringed when I saw and heard Magdha (who was introduced far too soon imo) introduce the butcher. Made me think the whole thing was a cage match, horrible.

How would I have done this? Don't allow Magdha to show herself all the time, instead have a high servant of Magdha (and change Magdha's look to something darker) doing all her business in New Tristram. I would actually only show Magdha in a cinematic with her better darker appearance and then only reveal her in Alcarnus.

Anyways, the Butcher. First get rid of the fire grate room, have a room full of torture implements, bodies everywhere, and holding cells. In the middle of the room have a big pile of bodies with the cultists around it. The high cultist leader with the other cultists summon the butcher, due to the strain of the summoning all the other cultists explode in awesome gore except the high one. The butcher appears and grabs the dazed high cultist and either rips off his head or impales him on a nearby spike (or both).

The butcher himself, make him faster but have the arena larger for compensation. Make plenty of pillars/breakables so that the butcher can crush them or charge through them on his way to kill you. If bringing back death animations the butcher and grab you and eat your face off, impale you, crush you with his awesome strength and then hurl your crumpled body away, or simply just bash you around on the ground. Death animations would give health globes that the boss would get so that during the animation the boss any incoming damage would be balanced with incoming hp regeneration (so no cheesy, death animation and kill the boss thing). This would also give the boss higher survival chances if you DON'T keep on damaging the boss due to the hp regeneration.

Imo boss fights should be rather long so that neither side can just one shot each other in a cheesy fashion but actually rely on "skill" and moving around to dodge an attack or use tactics to deal with the boss. Hard hitting attacks shouldn't kill you right away, the attack coming after though should. This way bosses are still tough, but you don't have to worry too much on cheesy 1 hit kills and have more of a chance.
Everyone gets a trophy in this game kids) Lets go farm happy happy pony Land. In a game called Diablo! Just outright killed the fun part of a dark game didint they?

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