What Really Makes D3's Atmosphere Less Dark?

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After playing Dark Souls the atmosphere and emotion of Diablo 3 is unimpressive.
The game lacks subtlety and intrigue.

Cramming to much scenery in.

The minions of Hell, if they were a real thing, would give a !@#$ about lighting. I want bleak. I want early black metal as a reference for the art direction. Gritty and raw.
12/30/2012 08:58 PMPosted by Cars
After playing Dark Souls the atmosphere and emotion of Diablo 3 is unimpressive.

That's how you do atmosphere. Also, best voice acting of any game I've played, for both of Dark and Demon souls.
It's completely the storytelling and the characters.

I look around and think this atmostphere is actaully pretty dark as I look at dead bodies around me.

Then the butterfly queen shows up...

"You'll never find the last piece of the sword, it has fallen where only ancients may tread" Hey thanks lady, got any other dumb comments to say? Honestly, a good writer could have left the player with questions such as what to do, where to go, and could have created a more manipulative/sinister Magda, but instead she is captain obvious and is full of predictable and cliche comments.
when <insert item> sold! window pops up during your farming
no public games
boring public channels
individual farming and lvling unless u have friends
item focused on DPS
items not reusable between different classes
no PvP...

seriously if the games not done, dun release it
every one's pretty much worn out at this moment already
I never found D1 or D2 dark though. But one thing for sure... died in D1 and D2 you have to go get your corpse and eq. Died in D3... 10% repair cost and well... NOTHING!!! There is no penalty in dying so after I died... I just come back. The biggest draw back is that resurrect timer. There is nothing to be really afraid of in D3. It is not the atmosphere for me. I played a lot more cautious before because CR was sometimes hard to do deep in hell IIRC.
D2: Cain alive =)
D3: Cain dead =(
12/30/2012 01:04 PMPosted by PhxdB
Then the butterfly queen shows up...

2. Sound

12/30/2012 01:51 PMPosted by Popinski
What makes D3 "less dark" is the omission of "Light Radius".

12/30/2012 03:50 PMPosted by Scharnvirk
2) Colours. Everything is bright.

those mainly
The only demon that has a memorable noise in this game to me is the Soul Lasher.

Every demon should have a spine-tingling cry that makes you wince when you hear it, even after the 1000th time.
In the original 2 Diablo games, you merely had a glimpse of the evil that you were fighting. The sense of being overwhelmed was pervasive, and whatever little you knew came to you in whispers and tattered ancient writings. Even in death, the bosses gave away little.

Now in D3 it feels like a 5 year old's party, and Azmodan keeps coming up to you to tell you his favourite cereal is Kokocrunch.

Also, the music score. I don't even want to go there. They totally screwed this one up.
Lack of subtlety is a major tampering-with that really derailed the series' story for me. I mean, it is really insulting - "spoon-fed" was a spot-on description. Everything is blatant and absurd.

I used to read more about video games than playing them. Once read an article (EGM maybe?) asking, "Can video games be art?" I dunno, but Blizzard was always a company, I thought, actively trying to bridge that gap. I don't think there was a minute used discussing/acting on some larger cultural vision like this. Maybe there wasn't with D1/D2, but it sure seemed like there was some ambition in this department.

Talking-too-much, totally agree. In art and entertainment, less can so often be so much more. Take country and pop music - totally spoon-fed, literal lyrics/story (if any). Once you burn off the simple sugars (In D3, the gameplay - following?), there is nothing left that is complex, nothing left to the imagination. Nothing lingers. It becomes business, work - and not an escape. D3 devs need to listen to more Radiohead before the expansion. Give us something we can make our own, be an individual with. Don't put us on a rail and talk to us like babies. Insulting.

Nowhere do we get to read between the lines or fill in the blanks. Can we not assume our hero and their follower occasionally talk, and thus create our own dialogue in our minds if we so please? Also, I liked the disposable mercenaries in D2. In my mind, I thought this was such a brutal world that it was "realistic" that people would become subjects to a master for a fee and follow them into battle without so much as a word spoken...with an understanding that so many people die in this world to Evil, why get close?

The complete anonymity of the D1/D2 heroes was such a brilliant move. In the monotony of the game I'd sometimes just daydream about who this "person" is in this other world. Maybe I don't do that in D3 because I'm now an adult and not a kid with a wild imagination, but something is much different in D3. What someone said earlier (sorry, not good at this forum thing) about the hero being treated as a powerful savior from the get-go rather than just another traveller seeking glory has much to do with it.

The technical stuff like the graphics (still way too kiddy) and the cutscenes before bosses stoppage doesn't help. Oh, and light radius. Seems like 3D actually limited them, which is kind of funny.

Blizzard: be ambiguous, let the players be as specific as they want in their imagination. Go back to a wild environment with a few dots to connect, don't micro-manage and have us trace over an already-done puzzle.

I enjoy the gameplay a ton and avoid comparing it to the predecessors. But bring back the soul of Diablo - the story and atmosphere and mystique!
The general consensus is, and I agree, that D3's atmosphere is not as dark as D2, which in turn was a little less dark than D1;

But what SPECIFICALLY makes this the case?

Here are my thoughts, briefly:

The annoying conversations (even the enemies talk so much that ruin the dark)
Mostly the graphical style. Everything looks like it's made of plastic, fairly low detail textures, dungeons dominated by a bright primary color (bright green, red, blue). Enemy deaths are "violent" in the sense there's a lot of blood and bone, but they explode in huge fountains and gibs fly 50 feet away in a cartoonish over the top manner. Or they start dropping bright purple laser balls.

One villain I did like with the constant dialogue was Cydaea, her VA hit it out of the park especially the Maiden of Lust angle. You get the sense her body is tingling just from the anticipation of torturing you.

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