What Really Makes D3's Atmosphere Less Dark?

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well act2 reminds me of prince of persia.

Tyrael's speech at the end reminds me of optimus prime.
Take a look at what the first Diablo 3 was going to be before Blizzard dropped Blizzard North.


So much better atmoshpere.
Reduce Light Radius!!!
In D2, the bosses were left to the imagination - they are more scary because you haven't seen them, and you have only stories/evidence of their evil to go by, which is the classic approach to any horror narrative.

In D3 Diablo and Azmodan come across as petulant teenagers desperate to prove themselves, and more than anything you just want to put them out of their misery because they are so pathetic.
Take a look at what the first Diablo 3 was going to be before Blizzard dropped Blizzard North.


So much better atmoshpere.

It's hideous.
Take a look at what the first Diablo 3 was going to be before Blizzard dropped Blizzard North.


So much better atmoshpere.

I would pay 10 GRAND to have this.

I wonder if the deleted game is around and or if bliz would sell it. Of course they would own all rights and blah blah.. Just curious to know what the 2005 ver was like to the 2012 one we got..
The 2005? Version from what I remember hearing at the time was going to be a Arpg/mmo like wow only dark with 3d environment... Blizzard had that in Wow and wanted them to go back to making it like d2-3. This generated creative differences with Sheafer and Brevik and the team "blizzard north" tried to get control over their franchise unsuccessfully... This resulted in a fired/quit/walkout/removal??? Some of the staff of north still exist however like Wyatt... So we have mixed bag in D3.

But one thing is for certain Jay Wilson is by no means to blame for this game we have now.. No I'm afraid the real evil is activision they are so corporate they make Disney look like a cult classic... ;)
The soundtrack was a huge part of the atmosphere in the original diablo. D3 really doesnt compare to the original in this respect. As far as the graphics go there are plenty of dead bodies and gruesome things lying around but somehow the atmosphere doesnt convey that fear and hopelessness that the original or D2 had. I dont really think it is the graphics that are the problem. The npc's chatter away at you and they dont really seem scared. "oh no the demons... can i cook you something?" Then they all crack lame jokes. Gives a lighthearted feel when hearts should be heavy. Maghda and her minions seem like they belong in a Disney movie. REALLY kills the mood. People wanted Horror but D3 is more action adventure with a little light comedy.
my wiz looks like a friggen disney char
I like it the way it is.
I actually had couple friends who visited me over the holidays and they asked what i play now, and when i noticed im playing they did mention "we READ somewhere/HEARD from someone the game isnt dark enough" and when they actually saw the game they were all excited and liked the way it looked.
The game's look is not something you can say its BAD for everyone. YOU might not like it, while the others like it.

That was a really good post ViisasVimes.
Totally agree OP. D2 bosses and mini bosses were just meaner and scarier. The other day, my GF was so scared when she was approaching the blacksmith in D2. It made me realise D3 did not produce any of that suspense anywhere. Oh well.....moving along then....
I would also have to agree in that the bosses, not to mention other mobs, have a very noticeable lack of fear generated to their persona.

E.g. in D2 it felt as if the bosses were deep, enriched by fear and visually monstrous. D2 also had a very entrancing atmosphere, that was based more-so around the story, less-so around the mechanics e.g. the lack of sight and almost anonymity of the next room. Every turn and corner of D3 is seriously predictable.

What got me to return to D2 every few years was the suspense and grit; evil without the child friendliness. The bosses in D2 would also have more balls, chasing players endlessly in an attempt to murder them; seemingly the bosses are pushovers, not their scary predecessors', and the player is simply too powerful (storyline and combat wise).

D2 Always felt like challenging something that would be difficult, uncertain and atmospheric - the bosses would provide some of this fear and were mysterious. Re-playability was certainly lost with D3, the essence of good story is that the player should not be god, rather they are another 'hero' who is fighting against the odds to succeed. The way in which the player is considered unbeatable, stronger then angels and demons is almost like having an established storyline within a novel and simply having the main character kill his adversaries easily 5 minutes in - a serious anticlimax.

Sadly much of what is being said probably cannot be salvaged in THIS game, as expansions likely will repeat the same trend. I feel what has become of Diablo 3 is unfortunate in that the player has been sheltered from the dark forces of hell.

Rather than being doomed to fail in D2 it seems the player is doomed to succeed in D3 and with a certain lack of satisfaction I might add.
I think the Environments in Diablo III are just as, if not more, "dark" as the ones in Diablo II. As far as Diablo I goes though, I think has an ambiance that is more threatening and macabre than its sequels. One of the things that stood out to me from the Diablo environment was the way corpses were depicted in the game's environment. Instead of blending in with the background they stood out because they were deathly white which stood in stark contrast to the dark backgrounds. Additionally, the soundtrack for Diablo was more ominous.

That said, I still think Diablo III is the best title yet, even though I know that the title has moved more in the direction of popular culture...
Instead of helping the few that really can't understand the thing right in front of them, they're treating everyone that way. Some things feel a bit over-explained and over-talked.

I definitely agree with the "Fewer appearances, more awesome". (Though not entirely sure your Raynor analogy applies, yes we followed him everywhere in the story, but he was still bad !@#....just look at the bar fight scene.) Diablo would be a much bigger "Oh......crap...." (remember the cable manager from Independence Day right before he gets killed? THAT kind of "Oh crap...") if only he wasn't talking to us the whole of A4 (short as it is....he says something to us in almost every area...) and that really kills it for him.

I get the feeling bosses would be a lot more interesting if they hit for less and they took more punishment before death. Anyway, a lot of stuff is probably a bit too brightly colored for D2 people to think it's dark.

Merchants should have shorter responses and maybe not as peppy. Soldiers in Bastion's Keep are probably the most series-genre appropriate characters....but only when they're gloomy. (Though I will admit the conversation from what's-his-name that stats at attack on the keep and starts "I'd ask if you're alright, but I know better." is hilarious. Doesn't really explain if it's her actually being rational or her being terrifying, but it's still funny.)

The soundtrack is very.....eh. It's okay. It's nice but nothing overly special.

Overall I'd say the game isn't terrible, it's borderline good. But it takes numerous to make it exceptional.

Jay Wilson: Agree to disagree? We get lots of compliments on the story and dialogue. It's a hard area to make everyone happy, and a lot of things we do to make goals obvious for some players make them feel over-stated to others. We never tried to make War and Peace, just a decent pulpy story about heroes fighting demons.


Remember kids, don't aim to be the best. Just aim to be "decent." Inspirational!

EDIT: holy crap! 137 replies? Did I see that right? This topic seems to hit a nerve.
More needless complaints in my opinion. Why do I say this? Because I was utterly and completely expecting this to be another overhyped completely sold out lamefest. I also had no intention of buying the game until it was on sale for like 5 bucks on Steam because I was that sure that it was going to follow in the footsteps of every other franchise/sequel.

However, I tried the demo on a whim and immediately bought the game.

The ONLY thing that is missing in Diablo 3 is the desolation and hopelessness. And most of that comes from a drab color palette and a more depressing soundtrack.

You don't NEED a bland, lifeless color scheme to convey evil or hopelessness. And not only that but just as it was in Diablo 2, it was only Act 1 that really even had that feeling. The desert was a little better, mostly musically.

You can turn off the dialogue.. I did it ages ago. And yes, to a certain extent, now that its mentioned, I do kind of miss ... basically ACT 1 from Diablo 2 because it did capture quite well the evil and desolation, mostly through the music and once again the bland color scheme. Personally I crank up the saturation myself. Take my word for it, Evil and desolation doesn't have to be drab. CHAOS is usually conveyed with overly bright colors. Diablo 3 hit the nail on the head with the right vibe and I for one am glad of it. They could have easily sold out and shipped out a 'dud' but they stayed true to the franchise and made an outstanding game. Yes, the story is a bit limp... I don't think its any big mystery. Its pretty obvious that they were all set to keep on keepin on as they did in Act 1 but the game would have never been finished and that Act 2,3, and 4 were rushed out a bit. Big deal. The overall experience is outstanding.. the engine, the sound, the animations, the five classes. Its all there. Sure a few more dungeons would be great, but not at all needed.
not enough dark cave areas like keep depths in my opinion

i think they could have done really great things with leoric's manor
it was gone forever in diablo 2, imo. the game pace is just too much faster and the atmosphere if diablo 1 cannot be easily re-created.

parts of diablo 3 rub me kind of the wrong way because they scream RED!. halls of agony are a blatant offender

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