To Skorn or not to Skorn

That is the question. I like the one i have now but it seems the way to handle ubers/higher MP is not with WW/Skorn combo. Right now I mostly stick to Alk runs on mp5 and need something else to do. Its hard to justify losing the Skorn considering its not worth a whole lot and to get the same DPS out of two new purchases is going to cost me. Ive also been considering losing a few of my IK pieces (and my HF ring sucks).
I'd say hold on to the skorn for a bit longer, your other gear is going to need a lot of work to be able to get rid of it. Your Skorn has 300+ vit, and even with all of that you only have 45k hp. If you dropped it you'd probably be in the low 30s, which is too low. Your IK chest blows (you shouldn't ever buy a low VIT chest, even IK, chest is the one of pieces where you will get most of your HP). I'd say replace your pants with anything that has decent str, a lot of VIT (180+) 2 sockets and high AR. Even a rare would work fine.

Unless you're married to the IK 5 pc I'd say go get a decent mempo without crit. IAS is huge for 2h builds and you can get another 90-100 str on top of 8-9% IAS from mempo. It's also a big AR boost, so you could maybe get different IK irons (maybe IAS/crit/str, no AR?). Mempo comes with life% too so you wouldn't lose any HP.

Honestly I think you'd be fine if you just switched to a different spec. Rend/HOTA has a lot of survivability and does a ton of damage. It isn't spinning through a level like ballerina on steroids, but it's still pretty fast and fun.
You are very close to my build already. Drop the Skorn and return to the light. Get a Storm Shield and a good 1 handed socketed weapon, change a few skills and you willo have arrived.
I run a HOTA/Rend build with stun, and I just swapped to a IAS skorn and rare shoulders with tons of Vit. I have 1.52 attack speed now, which is nice for hammers. So go with the skorn, get more speed and compensate for life elsewhere (my old skorn had 150+ Vit too, a mistake).
Thanks for the replies. I made a few changes on a relatively small budget (I have around 75m gold, awful drops lately). The net was +108 armor, +70AR, +7k life, +.1 AS, -6% CC, +9k DPS.

I may mess around with the build and see what works best.

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