How much is the barb above you worth (v2)

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wow really nice stuff, 6b?
@ NeverNguyen , approximately 200-300m
1b, but still not sure, but nice gear i like your weapons =)
made some changes since my last post here
@roliboy 600m I'd guess
@BroJob ~90m
@angel 500mil
2b - 2.2b
That tyreal might is a must change for your gear level.
Hmmm... Do you think i can deal out more dmg with an ik chest while losing the +dmg to demons and elites from a tyreal?
@etxebe 500 mil maybe? I am so disconnect with item prices...
@samuiotoko 300m
01/24/2013 02:32 PMPosted by Mclovin
@samuiotoko 300m

First off, flawless square in HF ring with that gear loooooool

830 mil is my estimate.
@docta 2b+ dat skorn sooo smexy :p

hmm maybe 1.5-2.5b?
@NeverNguyen hmm. 300mil? somewhere around there
@Bkhoo I can't see your gear :(

Jeez no clue, that Skorn is ridiculously amazing xD

i got skipped earlier :)
01/25/2013 06:19 AMPosted by GreyWolfSif
i got skipped earlier :)

Id say about 200m,
DeadLegacy 100m

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