Un Geared Challenges Bugged!

Bug Report
Are the un geared challenges bugged? A friend and I have tried it twice once with me and belial and last night him with Azmo. The way we did it is right before we went into the fight the other person would take off all their gear. For Belial I had left my helm on by mistake and entered the fight he noticed I still had my helm on so I took it off. He goes onto to kill Belial I died and did not get the achv.

Last night we tried again this time he took off all his gear and we went in to kill Azmo he did not die and I killed him very quickly. He did not get the achv either?? Are they bugged?

Or does the person with no gear on have to hit the boss at least once or as in the wingman challenge have to do the killing blow? I saw a thread a long time ago about these and they said to bring up your follower's DPS so they can kill them but for Diablo you don't have a follower. How are you supposed to kill Diablo on hell mode with no gear on??

Please if anyone knows how to do these please tell me? Blues if they are bugged let us know. I know the black soul stone achv is bugged I have all the quests checked off but have not gotten credit. The battle field reports was bugged for a long time.

Any help or input is greatly appreciated..
Before I did a youtube search I was able to kill Cydaea as a monk using Conviction with the Submission rune while someone else tanked for me. I was one lucky SOB; got it on the first try.

This is actually an extremely easy achievement to get once you know the secret.

One thing to remember is that you must start and end the battle completely naked. You also must be naked when you deal damage to a boss (yes even if it's thorns or a thorns like ability).
The Cydaea one is kinda the easiest one to do... but also can be tricky as Hamiltonz said... most of ur gear must be off in order to achieve this one... just dont drop anything, cuz if u die, u lose it!

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