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Heroes, listen... a thought, if you will, for an adventure...

The pesky goblins plague our lands, pilfering gold and weaponry that should be ours for the taking!

They stand around in idle content,
Awaiting their master's call.
Upon approach they cackle and run,
And dash away down the halls.

Know this, heroes, that a proposition is at play... one that will allow these nasty little pests no solace, no sanctuary, no salvation! And it begins with their toes...

It has been discovered that these creatures are oft familiarized into four main categories which include the Goblin, the Bandit, the Seeker and the Pygmy. Each of which carry a special power to open portals to their master's realm... the realm of Greed.

The theory is this: Collecting a toe from each of the four, and mixing them into a brew of sorts... perhaps in a witch's cauldron... will allow the willing hero the power to force open a portal to the realm of Greed.


Overview: Goblin Toes - Collect 4 toes, one of each type, then combine them in the cauldron under Adria's hut to open a portal to the realm of Greed. Once inside, the player faces off against a variety of Goblin-like creatures (they are no longer passive, fleeing vermin here), with a "boss" fight against Greed. I would imagine a great number of treasure chests and resplendent chests would be found in such a place... and maybe even higher tier gems than we're accustomed to seeing. A timer for completion may be in order, so as to put some urgency on the event, much like the instanced dungeon in the desert, perhaps because the strength of the portal is waning and can only remain open for a set amount of time.
bump always keen for more than just mp1 runs or ubers
It seems that I'm not alone in wanting more variety in this game... excellent!

I would add, too, that the drop rate for the toes probably shouldn't be linked to the MP level or NV stacks... just a random chance to drop, no matter the act nor the difficulty (as the Goblins themselves are rare enough). The difficulty upon which you activate the portal will dictate the difficulty of the mobs within.

I had visions of the fun of D2 Cow Level runs, where if you wanted to go nab Wirt's leg, it wasn't a series of hours spent farming for it to drop... it was just there, and you knew where to get it, and you'd combine it with the TP Tome and that was it. Simple and fun. I think the grind of attempting to get Uber keys for a casual player in the MP 1-3 range just isn't all that enjoyable, so it feels like a large chunk of repeatable content is simply out of reach.

As it stands, Goblins are a unique sort of "event" which we come across, and I just wanted to add a bit more depth to them (and the game). Goblins are sometimes hard to find, but rarely something you willingly pass-up.
you're hired.
Wow, very good idea. +1
the value of the puzzle ring suddenly spikes
Seconded. Oh, wait - ter999 did that. Very well, then - twelved. Or something...
12/18/2012 08:51 PMPosted by Sylak
I collected too many troll toes in Skyrim. I don't want to collect toes in D3 .:)

Hah! But these Goblin toes you get to "spend" in a sense, where as troll toes were just for chewing on...

To all: Appreciate the positive feedback! :)
i LOVE YOU :")
I like this idea.
12/18/2012 08:00 PMPosted by snowybell
you're hired.

Awesome idea OP! This is the kind of stuff our community needs to come up with, and the Blues need to get to the developers...
Love. +1
This idea is over 9000 !!!

Nice man. Would love to see this in the game.
I'll try and remember to bump this every so often. Your idea isn't ridiculous and "self benefiting" which turns out to overall hurt the game.

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