Issues with Diablo 3 FPS - Unplayable

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i just recently bought a new pc (Hp h8-1234 model) and wanted to get back into Diablo 3. I downloaded it off the site here and whenever I open it i get extremely low framerate.. about 20 FPS even on the menus screen. I read many reviews about the pc that I bought before I bought it and all of them said that they can run Diablo 3 no problem. The pc i have has a AMD Radeon HD 7450 graphics card in it. I know it is not the best graphics card or not even really good, but it should be plenty for Diablo 3, especially when I put all of my settings on the lowest/off, it does not make a difference. I tried uninstalling all of the drivers on my graphics card and reinstalling the newest update of the drivers and it is still unplayable. I don't understand why it is like this.

here is a link to my pc's specs -

if you have any suggestions/have heard of a similar issue please let me know.


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