Ultimate XMAS giveaway-5 sets/Gold/Enter now!

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been playin dh for a while but its getting boring and want to play monk but no $ left since bought everything for dh so i hope i can win this and it'll be the best xmas present ever.
Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year!

Great work with the monk community.

I have been rolling with my Monk since day 1 and was having a blast until I hit Inferno. I have been recently been reading the patch notes and figured I give my Monk a shot again. I am still trying to figure out a new play style with all the updates.

I went dual wielding but once I hit Inferno had to switch to sword and board for more survival. I am hoping for a better experience then my 1st run with the game.

Great job guys !

Rocknroll #1178
Hey Guys, Great props for you for doing this!
Battle tag: QHTran#1403
I have been playing D3 since the second week of launch and recently got my monk to level 60 and really enjoying it .. I dare say even more then my SnB barb.
After reading Nameless, Piffle and LordRaahl’s guide, I did the best that I could with my limited budget and my total set came out to be 4.7 mil.
I’m currently doing MP1 but I can move up to MP3, I would love the set to move up to higher MPs as I don’t have a lot of time to grind. = /
I’m busy IRL with work, volunteer, gf, family and friends.
I try to squeeze in 1 hour a day to play but it just doesn’t happen sometime. Have to sacrifice sleeping time for D3 lol
Any who if you can help me out with the higher set it’ll be awesome!
As for my current set, I can then donate it to another monk on this forum.
I’m also collecting other monk gears for my friend who’s even busier than me since he have a baby.
I normally don’t sell the stuff that I find and give them to my friends so I’m quite poor.
Here's my monk http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/QHTran-1403/hero/25452306
Thank you for your consideration
Good luck to everyone out there and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year = )

I would you like to be considered for this giveaway not for myself, but for my friends that have less time to play than I do.

Because my friends all have jobs/kids, I take it upon myself to be our group's primary "Infernal Machine Farmer". A timely task as you all may know.

My current gear only allows me to farm keys @ MP4-5 and when my friends and I run Ubers, we struggle with the MP5 setting.

My current gear isn't "terrible". I have 62k dps (with a decent WKL), but winning a new set of gear wouldn't just help me farm keys faster for my friends, but also help me carry them for Uber runs MP5+.

Thank you all for this giveaway. Merry Christmas.

any of these sets would be absolutely amazing to have! i was addicted to D2 back in my youth, but growing up, getting married, and having a baby have needless to say put a damper on my time frame to game. so i'm struggling with d3 mostly because of a sheer lack of time to invest. i play regularly, but unfortunately i can't crush it for hours like i used to be able to. i certainly hope you'll consider me in your picks, and merry christmas!
Just dropping by to thank Sam for organising this as well as to show appreciation to Druin, Piffle and Scrapz for spending the time and effort in making all these fantastic gears! They sure have put every single contribution from our fellow monks into good use!

From gearing advice, build and skill guides to freebies and uber carry. The monk community is way awesome!

MERRY XMAS to all my fellow monks! It is a great privilege to be part of u guys ;)

Merry Christmas, and thanks for doing this! It's great to see the community come together for something so generous and awesome. (:

I recently got back into D3 (I stopped playing for a couple of months because of RL) and I'm struggling big time with my monk in MP0/1. My gear isn't terrible (I think?), but I'm kind of at a loss as to what I need to improve or how I should even start. I read through many of the guides I could find (ie Piffle/Druin/Nameless') but I guess I'm just overwhelmed. ;___; I'm sure there are more deserving people who may need the gear sets, but I would greatly appreciate any and all advice!
Merry Christmas to everyone! I'd love to be gifted any of these sets. I seem to be stuck around 48K dps on my paper doll but don't have any luck with drops or the AH prices. I can't handle anything above mp1. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

My profile shows my mf gear so it's not my best.



Love to win, I've been playing this game from the moment it was released i'm at around 400 HOURS and its just starting to get soo frustrating to keep reading guides and trying to improve and i get the feeling um stuck and i can't break into that next level. It would help me alot to win just cause i find myself playing only to improve not having any fun anymore...

thnx alot

Strugglemonk. I've been playing since the summer but stopped because I got stuck on act 2 inferno at around 20dps, I couldn't deal with any elites. I'm back playing again and am slowly trying to make my way through inferno so I can hopefully start getting some better gear. I am stuck around 500k gold and keep having to spend on repairs. I loved D2 and I'm hoping to make my way back into D3, needless to say anything you had to offer would be a huge leg up. Thanks guys.
CoolBob #1219

I played a lot at the beginning when the game was first released and went for the tanky style build (had around 900+ resist all at the beginning). Soon that wasn't discovered to be so great, so I had to try to re-gear, but that didn't go so well. I started again recently, most of the gear has changed considerably and I'm a little left behind with the meager funds I had when I left off before. I struggle the most with survivability in anything that's MP3 or beyond. Thanks for your consideration and happy holidays!
Hey guys, Thanks for all your support of the military. Even though this is a computer game, it's great to see generosity such as this.
I am stationed with the Air Force's 341 Missile Wing in Montana but am currently serving a tour in Southwest Asia. Thus access to D3 is fairly limited.
Merry Christmas and may God bless the USA!


Merry Christmas and very nice event ideea.

I don't know if i qualify but i kinda hit a brick wall on my gear , started playing again a week ago and did all i could with around 3 mil i made the whole week, it's just really hard to get gold only from monster drops and selling them to the shop.

Gl everyone ^^

Merry Christmas for all, what a nice idea, i never thought the monk community was this helpful :)

Well as the post above me i'm not sure if i qualify also i just came back to the game after taking a long break, i did played during the starting month, b4 the inferno nerf, but now i have hit a brick and i'm unable to do upgrades to my gear nor afford any upgrades, but i wish best of luck to all people that posted here :)

Best of Luck :D
Thanks for entering guys.

I'm wondering if we should let this go until the weekend? I feel like there's still a lot of people that have yet to enter - I'll leave it to Druin or Scrapz to decide whether or not tomorrow will be the day we choose winners.
Brackit #1755

I have played this game since the good o' days of error 37!(release)! As soon as I beat hell I walked into Inferno...and just gave up. I was frustrated at how insane it was that I had to play my class "defensively" and not how I wanted! Now don't get me wrong, I still play defensively with my cooldowns, but what i'm saying was...stacking vitality, using a shield, constantly kiting etc...etc...

A few weeks ago, maybe a month or so my Barbarian friend I met around release sends me a message on skype talking about these new "paragon levels" and "monster power". My biggest complaint was how you could hardly find gear that was right for you, well unless you used the auction house. But he informed me of all the glory of how many drops you get per farming run, and how well he was able to find small upgrades here and there.

Here I was, intrigued by the new update. So I login, play through Inferno on MP0. Loved it! I could actually play a monk like a badass! So now here I am..I have defeated Diablo on inferno and now i'm in my farming stage. I can only do MP3 at the moment, however its because of my gear limitations. One day I look forward to farming high Mp levels, the challenge is what keeps me coming back! So I would love to obtain one of these sets, it would very much be awesome! thank you to all that have donated! It's awesome to see a great community for Diablo 3!

Ive had the game for about 2 months and im basically addicted to it lol i love it. i started off with a wiz got him fully geared but he was too much of glass cannon got sick of dieing and repairing so i recentlly re rolled to a monk. Now the problem im haveing is im tanky enough but can only do about 50k dps and i'm still a little low on the armor side. I could greatly use one of these sets all my friends play mp5 and im stuck at like mp1 lol.

Most of time Im doing ok, but Im stuck at 74k dps, and I cant get pass of it, cuz the itens that I need are way to expansive, and I refuse to use de RMAH, so Ive been grinding gold and lvls, for days and hours. Also I just have 1000k in my account, so u can see that Im really poor. Lol!

Happys xmas!

I just started playing again the last couple weeks and decided to roll a monk and just hit inferno! I've been trying to mf with my wiz on mp1, but I'm at that point where I need one good drop to start getting better gear. I would be especially interested in trying out a TR build for my monk.

It's really great to see people being so generous towards each other here! I hope everyone had a great Christmas and has a happy New Year!

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