kicked out again.

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Back into the grind again this morning with my little level 48 wizard trying to cross the bridge at siegebreaker. With my little guy, it's walk two step forward and run 10 step back. With 13,000 hp I'm not easy to kill but the bridge is tough. My problem is that after playing 30 minutes or so, I get kicked out. something about error 3007 I tried to make it thru this damm bridge 3 times so far this morning and the same thing happens. I'm just complaining a little tho cause i'm picking up nice goodies but this has never happened before. I can usually play hours and never get booted. Is it just me or is this a site problem???

Happy hollidays everyone.
Holy crap, it just happened again. A lovely sign popped up and said [YOU'VE BEEN REMOVED FROM THE GAME. ] Even Venusia, {my wizard} is pissed and is now hiding somewhere in the barracks of the castle. But we managed to make it thru the bridge and kill the beast. We entered arreat crater level 1 made 4 steps and got booted out of the game again. Time for a break I guess. We'll try again later today.
Ok, i've just tried this again and it keeps happening. anyone got an idea what i can do about this?
This might sound like a troll, but I assure you, it isn't.

Switch it off and on again. Your router, that is.

Wait ~30 secs between off and on.

Yes this message happened to me during christmas when i was at parents house in "mountains" where connection was really unstable.
It turns out that i installed an antivirus software yesterday and it's somehow causing this. I removed the software and reinstalled d3. seems ok so far.

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