Lore book inconsistency?

Lore and Story
Fall of the Barbarians, Part 2
The Children of Bul-Kathos settled in the Northern Steppes, an area that is now known as the Dreadlands. Theirs was primarily a nomadic and tribal culture, though they had a few permanent settlements such as Sescheron and Harrogath. A group of revered former warriors known as the elder council ruled the barbarians.

Fall of the Barbarians, Part 4
Twenty years ago, Baal was loosed upon the world. He besieged the barbarian capital of Sescheron and used treachery to access the Worldstone Chamber, circumventing the three ancient guardians Talic, Madawc, and Korlic. In the end, he succeeded in corrupting the great artifact. Though Baal was slain by heroes, his damage was irreversible.

I don't know much about Diablo lore, other than D2:LoD took place during the siege of Harrogath. So in the lore book part 4, did they mean that:
- Baal besieged both Sescheron and Harrogath
- Or they should have written Harrogath instead?
Sescheron is the gateway of the pass to Mount Arreat. It's a fortress featured in the opening cinematic of Diablo II: Lord of Destruction, which the Barbarian chief declared that it has "stood for eons" against the likes of Baal.

Harrogath is simply a small town on the way up, which had become the rallying point of Mount Arreat's defenders as it was protected by a ward.

So yes, Baal besieged not only Sescheron (which had fallen in the opening salvo of the invasion) and Harrogath, but countless other Barbarian settlements in the mountain.

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