Need advice on soloing Siege/Kulle uber

Demon Hunter
I've completed solo Ghom/Rak and Skele/Mag ubers on MP8 no problem, and am very confident I can do them on MP9, maybe on MP10. Siege and Kulle are another story, I have no success against them. I can't even solo them on MP7, just gave up after about 8 tries.

Any advice? My uber build (may be different from my profile) is:

Prim: Bola - Thunderball
Sec: Impale - Grievous

also using Gloom, Prep (Battle Scars), Vault (Rattling Roll), Sentry (Guardian)

Passives are Archery, Steady Aim (prolly should change to Perf or other), and Nightstalker

I've been using Scoundrel as my follower, I'm open to changing that up as well as I don't think I need him for the other uber fights (apart from the CC bonus).

Let me know what I need to change up for this fight. Thanks!
What exactly are you dying to? Or are you just hitting enrage?

That will help determine what you need to change up.

I can't imagine trying that fight without the boar to distract them... maybe if you had a scoundrel loaded up with freeze (which incidentally if anyone has done, I'd be interested in hearing it).

I killed them in MP10 using:!Xfe!ZabcYb

though I don't think I would necessarily recommend it, as I think it could be tweaked to be better. If you do go with that build, never lay down a spike trap without first having gloom up as siegebreaker will sometimes run over it at an inopportune time.
I have mostly grouped for ubers but I did do them solo once but it was only MP4-5 (was about a month ago). I kept failing until I tried it with boar and it was what made the difference. Definitely try the boar out.
The key is a boar pet. The boar offtanks siege while you stunlock / nuke zoltan down. I did it on mp7 a couple days ago with this strategy.

Build i used was this:
bola stun
echoing spikes
boar pet
tumble vault
gloom shadow
guardian turret

numbing traps

stone of jordan helps a lot too as you don't need XP on those guys :0
dont think boar is optimal against the other 2 uber pairs
use enchantress and maximus - more versatile off tank

and SOJ with HA

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