Witch Doctor Bug/Fixes..... pleaaassse..

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Hi everyone.

I love playing the witch doctor as its different, however there are a few things that are really annoying that they need to be patched!

So here is my feedback and hopefully some thing blizzard can improve on the next patch.

1.) Haunt with Resentful Spirit Rune : 20 second cooldown/reset isn't shown. I keep having to spam it just in case it stops.
2.) Zombie bears : Its takes about 1-2 seconds from a click of the mouse to the bears reaching a right in front.
1-2 seconds is a LONG time in such a fast pass game. I think they need to hasten the animation of creation of bears. This has always been a gripe from the beginning of the game.
3.) My biggest grip. I love to run fast as possible to keep up with the monks and barbs.
I've checked with my bro who uses the Monk and Tempest Rush (25% movement increase).

With spirit walk (gives around 50%), he runs as fast as me!!
Add on Horrify : stalker run (20%), still no big difference in run speeds.

This is definately wrong!! I've added 70% extra movement speed vs 25% and he's running just as fast.. Horrify : Stalker (20%) barely makes any difference!!!! He's streaming away on the tempest rush at extra 25%. Blizzard, PLEASSSE improve the movement speed to be closer to tempest rush. Add on Spirit Walk, (50%), I'd expect to be miles ahead of him.

Hope this feedback is helpful to the constant improvement for diablo 3

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