Best/Worst gear on the HC char above you

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Title says it, sorry if this has been done before
Worst-Ammy (no chd)

but i would gladly use every piece of gear you have haha
Best- weapon (high damage, socket and LOH)
Worst- shoulders (low AR)

Next poster comment on monk please.
Best - Weapon (nice damage and LoH) and Cold Monk Vile Ward
Worst - Shield - nice stats but could use better block
b - scorn?
w - pretty awful 2nd ring heh.
@ cozuya

worst - belt by far...
best - everything other then the belt is pretty much BiS for hardcore... but if I was forced to pick 1, i'd say that manajuma offhand. Such a massive damage range + INT and vita with life%... very nice stat stick offhand. even without crit, it's godly IMO.
best- zuni chest
worst - that belt for sure

mine is kinda easy, my boots are my worst piece by far right now
Best - Inna's helm for sure
Worst - Probably your boots, would be good with all res on them

Best - Zunni helm
Worst - Chest. Get something with 3 sockets
Best - bracers
Worst - can't decide between helm (no crit) or amulet (despite the high vit)

Worst - boots
Best - amulet
@Shelendil -rating wizard
best - ammy
worst - can't decide everything seems very solid, maybe chest
@SpArTaN's Lucia

Best: Loyalty Star
Worst: Warlord Root

Best: Primal Strik
Worst: Natalya's Sight - Need Crit :)

holy !@#$... where to begin.

best - helm + weapon + chest... absolutely GFG... that's the best zuni marrow i've ever seen on HC
worst - gloves. way low int, low res... definitely first piece I'd be looking to upgrade

Best - Helm

Worst - Boots?

Best - Helm + Chest + Pants....they are all pretty have pretty nice magic find%

Worst - Boots for sure and ammy close second...although ammy does have a ton of life
Best - Boots
Worst - The Mara's.
@TDA101 : Best - Litany
Worst - Amulet ( can stack a lot more stats for eHP / damage there instead of just LOH and MF)

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