Best/Worst gear on the HC char above you

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@ wokets: Best - chest armor
worst - prob the helm
@Wockets Best - IK chest
Worst - Gloves needs CHD
What do you know. Skipped again
01/01/2013 05:24 PMPosted by Origin
What do you know. Skipped again

You're too hard to do because your gear is so good.

I'll go with worst first - your pants. The gems are just terrible. And yellow is such an ugly color.

Best? I don't know. Your hat triggered my jealousy reflex the hardest, but people with a better eye for high end items could probably make a better pick.

Best: Blackthorne
Worst: Boots

looking at your gear im guessing that you're mfing, still.. seems like you're abit low on resis.. scary trade off =p

Best: IK Helm/Sky Splitter (can't decide lol)
Worst: Sheltered Seal (right ring)
that mempo/amulet

Best - Zuni helm is really nice
Worst - Strongarms no vita :(
@wockets: IK reign best
shoulders worst =]
Your hair looks pretty. I don't like the mole (you know which one I'm talking about).
@xvi3tdragon TOTD best
gloves worst
xVi3TDragon your monk gear is terrible your WD and barb very nice :)
arent we doing single pieces? =/ lol
my monk gear isnt all that bad! ur looking at the wrong one!
arent we doing single pieces? =/ lol
my monk gear isnt all that bad! ur looking at the wrong one!

I was just messin with you. You have really nice characters.
@origin, Chest = GFG
strongarms could use work =] or weapon since you dont like to use a weapon
You guys skipped me :(

Best: Helm/Dagger (I like em)
Worst: Boots I guess? Easiest to replace probably
@dutchman IK gloves = GG
shoulders = could be replaced

give me ur litany! btw! :)

Best: Primal Strik
Worst: Natalya's Sight - Need Crit :)

That DH is dead ;_;

Look at Irving(more likely). Or Vex, Callisto, or TerraBella

@Logan -> blackbeard:

Best: dat Blackthorne's jousting mail
Worst: Vile Ward
I have no comment on Irving cause his !@#$ looks tight, but I hope to get some feedback on my toon (Forty).

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