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offering gold for someone that takes the time to help me out

so yesterday i got my laptop reformatted so my data was wiped.

now when i try to log onto D3 (in-game) i always get error 3007.
offering 5mil to someone that can help me work around this problem.

id rather have help from a fellow player that is online right now instead of go to technical support or google, so thanks in advance to those who can help me.

some insight to things that could of caused error 3007:

copied d3 from a nearby computer.
when asked about the internet thingy (which i stupidly forgot to read and just clicked ok) i seem to have chosen the private network thingy. (dont remember what i clicked on lol)
i guess its off to google i go
3007 is either the server is down(which it isn't atm) or something on your network is blocking that pc.

Sounds like a firewall issue, what OS are you running? If win7 try disabling the firewall by going into control panel(from the start menu) then windows firewall and disable it. Although windows firewall shouldn't cause 3007.

Do you have any anti virus or firewall software that could be blocking it? It could also be your router blocking the connection if you had open ports under your laptops old IP.

There is a trouble shooting section for 3007 here, give it a go

Not after gold, just trying to help out.
thanks, will try those out

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