How about Rend in HC? My thoughts..yours too?

I just killed Inferno D on HC and found most of the game to be a total faceroll joke (with only a couple nervous moments) despite all my hardships playing a SC Demon Hunter and Wizard at launch. (My Echoing Fury was picked up just today, a couple days after Inferno completion.) The game has been nerfed into oblivion compared to what it once was and while I don't miss the invulnerable minions affix, I do miss the gut wrenching damage the elites in Acts 2-4 Inferno could dish out. As a player new to hardcore in D3, I do enjoy the challenge (and at times, frustration) of survival against some of the tougher monsters and affixes, but the challenge was simply no longer there this time around. My knowledge of the game and how to build a character and play the AH has made me nearly unstoppable...I only lost my first iteration of Korlic due to disconnect and I refused to retire the name due to the stupid and terrible game design that allows for disconnect deaths, and because I believe disconnect is still the only thing that can kill me at this point. I now accept this as a form of RNG in the game after losing my first HC Barb in this manner, but aside from my whining I am writing this post to toot my own horn about how awesome my build is for owning HC with no budget, no twinking, and almost no skill lol. It is a well know fact that Barbs are very OP but I never realized just how much they can own with very moderate gear. While I don't have the necessary crit chance for perma-WotB&WW, my Rend+Cleave combo with a simple sword and board is more than enough to smash your way through Inferno and beyond. I love Rend like a little brother, (the annoying kind that never leaves my enemies or treasure demons alone), and find it invaluable for that rare occasion of Arcane/FireChains/Frozen/Vortex(or Desacrator) on Phasebeasts or Golgors, since I can just Rend N' Run...or Leap myself out of danger whilst still dealing solid damage. Eventually I will slide into the easy farming of Sprint/WW, but I will find it hard to part with Rend and its ability to dole out some serous hurting during the hated but inevitable kiting of an untwinkied HC character...what do you think?
Rend is an awesome skill in HC and SC. It synergizes really well with a WW barb, too.

That being said, I'd bet you had a bit of help with your budget. I transferred over enough to get 2 million for when my Barb hit 60, and your Barb has some pretty evil gear. Nothing wrong with that, but let's keep things in perspective when talking about face-rolling.

Also, please use line-breaks!!
What do I think? Use the damn enter key and make your post legible.

Let me guess you traded SC gold to HC gold. Then bought all your gear from the AH and proceeded to beat inferno on MP0. Good job want a cookie? MP0 is easy mode by itself. Well of course you feel unstoppable crank up the MP level and do it again. Then maybe someone would care.
Sorry the LOL was @TheChemicals because he is obviously being sarcastic. And no there was no SC to HC gold trading or any 3rd party gold buying involved. It was simply playing the AH almost as much as the game...flipping is the best way to make money in SC or HC, but it's even easier on HC. Just yesterday I made my biggest flip yet by buying some 180Int/80Vit/7%Crit/73AR gloves for 500k at 1d11h and reselling it for 5mil in less than 12 hours allowing me to buy my Fury which I haven't even had the chance to use yet lol. My gear is good because of a couple lucky drops and a lot of AH savvy. Hate all you want on me as a flipper but if you see something posted for a ridiculously good deal and don't buy it to use it or resell for a profit than the only person you're cheating is yourself.
Barbs not OP? Living a lie?

Sorry for not hitting my enter key, I apologize for my bad manners, I am new to Diablo forums and just forums in general so please excuse my lack of proper forum etiquette.

(Better???)I just wanted to share my success in dominating Inferno, not everyone can. All of my gear was either self found, or bought with gold I found whilst adventuring. Some AH flipping was involved...but that's as much a part of the game as disconnect imo. I was simply looking for shared experiences with the skill (Rend) or thoughts on a build that may be better but sorry for wasting your very valuable time with my wall of text.

BTW...why would I farm higher MP levels? To waste my time getting less exp and items per hour than Act3 MP0? Sorry not as big of badass as you clearly are.

@Everyone else
I believe my character build is a good starting point for game completion on MP0 for anyone new to HC since I didn't use a single health potion in Inferno, and only dropped below 75% HP once. I'm interested to hear others experiences in Inferno with Rend as well as any rune and other skill suggestions...I may switch Ground Stomp to WotB soon but the near perma-stun from GS and Leap-Death from Above is hard to part with.
Everyone can beat Inferno now... Blizz cut the balls off this game difficulty wise so stop pretending like you dominated the game. Also stay in MP0 because thats were you clearly belong (easy mode) while others will actually put their characters on the line farming high MP levels for the challenge. Sure I can farm slightly faster on MP0 but why would I do that when MP3 is just as easy for me. I rather the game keep me on my toes then to sit around and *yawn* while I play. Sigh I miss the days before the 1.0.5 patch where you had to rely on skill, positioning, and yes your gear to keep you alive.
Sorry I'm trying to avoid many dead barbs, most others are too. Just looking for constructive criticism and trying to share what appears to me to be a solid barb build with the masses. Not everyone has 40k+ elite kills and plays exclusively HC. Just trying to help and share my experiences with anyone new to the class as well as possibly gain some valuable insight to improve my own game. But thanks for all your words of wisdom.
Didn't I say I missed the old difficulty? Yep, I did.
Looking over your profile no doubt in my mind you traded SC gold to HC gold. Your dead barb speaks for itself. You simply wouldn't have the funds starting fresh into HC to buy a -req weapon plus socketing all your alts with flawless squares.
I like rend, and I found all my barb gear. Someday I will also easily beat mp0 with him but for now mp3+ with my WD.

Congrats to you btw.

Thanks, WD is my next roll once I hit 60 with my Monk, how are you liking it?


I don't know why you don't believe it but I promise you I didn't trade for HC gold...just made some really good moves on the AH and almost every single piece of gear I have bought along the way I have sold for a profit.

I know my gear is good, if you read my earlier post you'd see I explained AH flipping is how I geared all my characters and I will say now it is hands down the best way to make money/gold in this game. On SC I hit the lottery and found a 190INt/5.5crit Mempo which sold for almost a billion so that's why those guys are decently geared, but can't you just accept that I know how to build solid characters? Lol.

Wanted to comment on this from an earlier would I not have the funds to buy a -req weapon after starting fresh in HC? It only cost 100k or so...also flawless square gems drop like candy from a piñata in late Hell and all of Inferno so of course I can afford to upgrade them for my new barb as well as pop some in my monk's armor. I mean do you pick up items as you progress? Many of them are quite valuable for a new low level characters...even blues. Making money has never been a problem for me, and I was always able to keep 10 auctions up and steady amount of gold coming in at all levels.

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