65mil to upgrade, ideas?

Demon Hunter
Just spend about 200mil upgrading my damage (with steady aim), from 154k to 195k. I am looking to get about 5-10k more HP as well as 5-10k more damage.....

Is this even possible with 65mil? Or do i need ~200?
Cool build but I think you're way too focused on hp. Your ehp could definitely see a solid benefit from some more armor or resistances than just vit/life%.

If I was in your position, I would try for a 10 cc amulet with high dex. (I suggest checking out mine for reference) Also, I feel like you could get more survivability out of boots with VIT. The pair that I have on was relatively inexpensive and should provide a slight upgrade (at the cost of some dex).

Ohhh and it would be completely worth a small sacrifice to get a hungering arrow DML for your current build - the dmg increase is wicked with the skill specific buff :)
Uhhh actually, I just looked closer at your amulet - I didn't notice the CD before. I retract that statement.. You might just want to consider boots and DML.
I recently posted a thread asking how I should spend my 1BN gold, so I'm definitely NOT an authority on the topic, but...

A while back I sold a helm in the AH for 25million and outfitted my DH well enough to farm keys at MP5 on that budget (plus random good rates that I farmed). I basically bought a low end 2 slot Manticore, and Natalya's set of chest, pants, ring and the Inna's Pants and Belt (I still have those in my profile, as I haven't used any of my 1B to upgrade those yet).

One item that provides really good bang for the buck is the Dead Man's Legacy quiver (my profile has a new one, but I had a lesser one that I got for really cheap on the AH). I'd start there!

First things first. DH forum is tremendously more welcoming and supportive than the barbarian forum. Thank you for your replies

Secondly, I spent the gold.

Picked up a high dex mempo, and a high dex strong arm. Boosted my damage by about 10k.

Thirdy, I'm trying to find a good farming build that doesn't eat up a ton of disc and hatred. The one in my profile seems to work pretty well, but without legacy nats, its still hard to keep it up.
You won't like it at first Token (I know I didn't), but try Vengeance instead of Tactical Advantage.
try changing your nat ring to a good unity or wailing host..

nat rings are overpriced and are only better if you use it to get the 7cc bonus... the 130 dex bonus is crap compared to the 30-90 avg dmg u get from a cheap unity/wailing host (cost less than 10m)...
12/18/2012 12:18 PMPosted by Kadderly
You won't like it at first Token (I know I didn't), but try Vengeance instead of Tactical Advantage.

i use tactical advantage just for mp0 farming

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