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Hello, i sold item 2 days ago
and the status have changed from Processing to Sold
my question is why the money haven't been transferred to my paypal regarding of the status ?
usually when the status change to Sold the money immediately transfered to my paypal
Plz check this Blizz
OMG Im having the exact same problem as you, also two items two days ago. Status says sold, but no money in paypal, already submit a ticket.

It can take time, that's all.


My auction sold! When will I receive the proceeds of my sale?

In the gold auction house, you will receive the gold from your sale (minus the transaction fee) immediately. In the real-money auction house, the proceeds of a successful sale (minus the transaction fee and transfer fee, if applicable) will be reflected in your Battle.net Balance or approved third-party payment service account after a minimum 24-hour processing window. In most cases, the auction proceeds will appear within 72 hours, although in rare cases this could take up to 5 days.

If you haven't received your funds within 5 days, go ahead and submit a support ticket.

This article will lead you through the process.

Strange ... Coz' This problem never occured
only after this past 2 days
well guess i'll wait and see
oh and it's not gold auction, it's RMAH
Thx for fast reply
Normally this waiting period would be marked by the red exclamation point and the "processing" label next to the item. Now the items are simply marked as sold, with no indication that anyone will ever get their money.

Seems like a new way for blizzard to sit on your money for longer, thus generating more interest for them. Yay for corporate profits taking priority over doing what you say you're gonna do.
Just as additional note. I also have similar experience, just noticed it today. Hopefully, there's not gonna be problem. Thanks for the response, Omrakos.
anyone here already recieved payments after 72 hours??
Have had this issue in the past. About 2 months ago.

STILL WORKING WITH BLIZZ TO RESOLVE! With an open active ticket. They don't do anything except LIE. $49.28 went up as SOLD and I never received the money, to this day, I have an ACTIVE ticket and am ACTIVELY trying to get blizz to do something. They've admitted a problem occured, but done nothing else.

Now, its happened again! Total outstanding balance is about $195-$199 AFTER ALL TAXES. $195-$199 of MY money. DO SOMETHING
12/19/2012 08:53 PMPosted by Selene
anyone here already recieved payments after 72 hours??

After 18-dec, I have not received any money for the sales that used paypal. However, some of my sales that used battle.net balance are fine.

So, if you have some sale on RMAH to paypal, I suggest you cancel it for now or at least, use battle.net balance. Just a suggestion.

It might be as said, just harmless delay. 5 days mean 23-dec.
The same ...
it's after 18 Dec.
hope Blizz fix this ASAP
It's not something new.

The longest timespan between item sale and receiving money to PayPal for me has been a bit over a month. That was in summer, tho.
how sad.. i hope we could all get back our money back, its not that easy to gain good gears and gold in this game so pls..fix it, its not a good Christmas present for us d3 player..
I've sold hundreds of items and every single time it's changed to "Sold" I was paid. This is the first time this has happened, and the fact it started happening to many people around the same time should be enough to realize it's not the standard "It can take time, that's all." issue.

I hope someone at Blizzard is smart enough to look into this.
Usually its roughly 24 hours, and has been for me since the start of the RMAH. They are either intentionally holding the payments longer or something is borked.
This Issue Start since maintance 18-12-12
I have had this problem as well. For me it started on Dec. 17th. None of my auctions on or after the 17th have transferred to my Paypal account despite the item being labelled as 'Sold'

My last received payment was on the 16th and I have sold several auctions on the 17th and after but those ones do not appear to be transferring to my paypal account. However, my battlenet transfers seem to be unaffected by this.

Hopefully it's just a delay and not something else.
got the same issue here as well... Hope this gets resolved ASAP.
Like I said before, I have an item that it happened too on 10/29/12 ish, 12/20/12, still no money, still no honest attempt at resolution. Dont let it slide under the rug again, I'm in for $195-$199 so its a big deal to me. They will all tell you to open a ticket, and that nothing can be done here. Thats how they break us apart and sweep it under the rug.

Thats fine that nothing can be done here. We're just here to RAISE the issue.

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