Rate the barb above u

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10/10 DAMN...
@moonster......6.5/10 solid start
8.5/10 nice barb
9/10 just for ur crazy !@# gear and great $%^ rolls on all of it..your dps is great too
Im a newish 60 barb just getting going.

@ wiggle, 6/10 new weps would help a ton if you can get around 20m :) nice budget set.
cant rate zeo so i'll do proph 8.5/10 nice barb mate :)
9.5/10 well equipped barb
9/10 great gear for your barb. i would not use bash or hammer for a dual-wielding barb, but you do so much dps anyways that i guess it doesnt matter...


A lot of gears can be improved. Your strength is too low.

Can you be more specific?

I see you are running one handed HOTA Build with your Barb. Your gears lack Attack speed for the fury generation. Get some +AS gears will greatly improve your build or get a Stone of Jodan with -5 Fury HOTA, that can help as well. If the budget is not the issue, go with Dual Wield and you won't coming back to one handed if you try it.
@ Daniel FTW u need mroe crit chance and more vitality. And thats about it to me. 9/10
yo dan, did u play utopia?

You are doing barb right dude!

Nice barb my buddy. Mines gettin there....Im really diggin your ammy.
wtf man skipped twice lol.
@ Clownmadness 10/10 !@#$%^ness :) oh and ur vitality sux

Your crit chance is way to low. You can play WW barb with 10k dps if you have enough crit chance. This is probably why you went full IK. Add CC to both rings lose the full IK.

You may want to consider putting your echo in your main hand and going with cold stone of jordan.


@ Bad3daBone

You probably do more effective DPS than clown so kudos on the right direction. Lacuni with CC over str/vit would be better.

For me MF/GF is a waste on gear. A socket on your mainhand and crit chance on your ammy would give you some hella DPS. Better served just do a higher MP just as fast.

Oops posted on the wrong account before. Im a new ish barb to 60, can't play much and am on a small budget.

@juzamm at least 9/10. Wish i had gear Like that. Your ra is high but hp is a little low. Thats all i noticed.

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