Perfect star topaz downgraded

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I crafted a perfect star topaz several days ago that was sitting in my stash. I just noticed today that it was downgraded to a flawless star topaz. Has anyone had this happen before?

No, I can't say anyone has ever mentioned it before. It's impossible to tell though. I would have to say in all likelihood, you're simply mistaken, but if you can provide proof of any kind, by all means please submit it as a bug report. Our QA Team will have to be able to use your steps to reproduce it before they can do anything though.

By the way, you currently have 2 Perfect Star Topazes in your stash too.
Thanks for the response. I could have sworn the flawless star in there was a perfect star because I remember it costing me 5 million gold to craft from scratch. The two perfect stars in there now I just barely added so I know those aren't it. I guess since there is no paper trail with crafting I'll need to leave it at that. Thanks again for checking.

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