Paragon Leveling 100mil xp/h WD GUIDE [Video]

Witch Doctor
{work in Progress. check back soon}


Ok so tested thousands of different variables of gear, skills and runs and Ill share here what has tested the best for me in terms of xp/h. The basic concept is to stack as much xp bonus gear as possible and to increase your base damage to the point where you can one shot any trash mob with 100% certainty while minimizing cast animations and maximizing movement speed and and pickup radius.



Ok I play this build a lot differently than you might think at first. the pets are not used for defense at all in fact the are far behind you almost all the time. I use the pets in a similar way that whirlwind barbs uses the tornadoes from sprint.

for most packs I will generally only do one cast of bears. the rest of the dmg comes from one or two casts of soul harvest and then instead of doing another attack to kill mobs that I miss, I use jaunt and stalker to run ahead. Activating spirit walk will stop your pets and follower from following you and stay with the pack that you were fighting for up to 3 seconds. Your garg (who can one shot like 10 mobs in one hit), the 3 dogs, enchantress and the demon she summons will kill the rest of the mobs that survived your main attack.

98mil xp/h run

stats and gear to hit 100


Ok you can see the details on on my gear at the end of the second clip. It might not look like much but its probably one of the most fine tuned wd gear ever sets assembled. Besides getting higher rolls on the existing afixs I have on the gear the only change I would have liked to make is getting one more piece with pickup radius, and I wish my hellfire would have rolled attack speed.

First off you will need to get a hellfire ring, a leorics signet and a cains set for the experience.

For the rest of the slots the key factors that you should aim to maximize in order of importance are:
-min weapon dmg
-pickup radius
-attack speed

my combined weapon dmg is 948-1851 which is about equal to a 1400 dps skorn. My int is 3100. With this each bear tipacally hits for 120k - 200k dmg on a non crit hit, which is suficient to one shot any mob in mp0.

My ehp is around 185k which I find is sufficient to never die with my sustain of life steal and globs bonus.

EDIT with the release of 1.07 make sure you get a 1h spear/mace with min dmg at least 750 and a socket to put the highest lvl ruby u can afford. this will make a huge dif and will let u one shot at least one mp higher.





No chicken?
I have no idea what is going on in that video.
i bet the guide will be good but the thing about fast farming is that u get tired really fast (speaking for myself ), the mindset is like those chain manufacturing job: being productive and competitive, doing the same sh#t in the fastest way possible over and over and over...good luck on the guide though!
I have no idea what is going on in that video [2]
First of all, congrats to ChuckNorris.

Second of all, check the date on this post: I told you so...
{ Im selling all my speed lvling gear today, If u want dibs msg me or post her. See the end of clip 2 for the details of each piece./SOLD-gloves}
@ChuckNorris: You propose to maximize MIN weapon damage. Have you done any testing with respect to damage distribution? E.g.

Weapon: 310-520
Amulet: 40-80

Are we rolling 350-600 one time with this gear? Or is it two rolls, 310-520 + 40-80?

I have always assumed the former, without even realizing the assumption. Then I saw a post in the wizard forums that suggested (with no proof) that +damage modifiers are rolled independently, then summed with the weapon roll. I'm sure you already know why this matters.
@juxta/nico read the guide when its done maybe u can figure it out then

@mongster What kept it interesting for me was testing new variables all the time and, and up until the end I only played about an hour a day or so. There was really only one other wd player that I was aware of who was performing in a similar ball park as I was through out the development so I got to enjoy making my own discoveries and then slowly spreading knowledge to the community here over time.

@worloega have not. But this becomes completely irrelevant when you get your min weapon dmg and int high enough that even the lowest possible roll (350 in both ur examples) is enough to one shot any mob.
i still find acid cloud:acid rain better for fast xp farmin. huge aoe. using sould harvest + pierce of veil + grusome feast + sacrifice (proovoke the pack) reaching +400k dps. no need for getting close to the mobz, bears are midle range so u have to run more. and its important having +51% crit chance.
Let me know what's still available and price... I'm not well set up for gold atm but I'd be interested in knowing prices wether or not I can afford anything....
Been using this build since ChuckNorris's old thread. Thanks for all of your hard work!
Is this the fastest XP build for WD to date? Or is there better?

Curious if there is one that relates to stacking huge DPS and utilising higher MP level XP rates wiht the new Patch XP buffs.
Hey sorry never finished this guide.

Yes to my knowledge this is by far the fastest xp lvling build/route/playstyle both then and now.

you can exchange dogs for another skill without much difference as long as you dont take someting that takes up an attack turn.

with the release of the last patch it is also not required to go cains set any more. instead you can just go signet/hellfire and get your no crit dps as high as possible and do mp4 or mp5 (with maxed gear). aim for 4k+ unbuffed int and as high as possible min dmg on every slot available and 40+pur. to achieve 100% one shot. you will need to craft the gears with base int to hit this mark.

If your doin it right you should be getting average in the mid 90mils xp/h range and be able to get up as high 110mil xp/h once in a blue moon with a perfect dungeon roll.
If you need cains set for this build to reach 100m xp/h then the Acid cloud build I use is faster.
Let the wars begin.
If you need cains set for this build to reach 100m xp/h then the Acid cloud build I use is faster.
Let the wars begin.

interesting, do you have a guide on this and some proof that you can do 100m??

@chuck - thanks for your reply! Wow, getting 4000INT+ is no easy feat i think...can you really 1-shot mobs in MP4-5 without as much CC/CD but just high min dmg and INT? Sounds a bit unreal tbh :P I have an archon wiz with 435k dps buffed doing 1mil DPS as archon (supposedly)...on MP5 I was "almost" one-shotting mobs, but elites took quite awhile to down still ><
I think if you gear perfectly you can get 100% one shot on mp5 for trash including tremers n such. yes elites will take longer with no crit but one shotting all trash makes a much bigger difference to xp/h then longer elite fights.

keep in mind once you learn to micro properly for speed farming with 100% one shot ur basically have 100% uptime on 5stack sh and 5 stack gf wich will put ur dmg output way up and its all raw dmg. if you have a hard time gearing this with spear/mace and totd you can try skorn/.09 a.s hammer and just put pur on every other slot.

you can get over 5k int in todays gearing potential

Jonney I did tons of testing with ac. its great and imo faster in kd2 but over all slower because you cant get min dmg high enough to get 100% one shot and you still rely on crits which you can only get to about 75% which means your still gonno have to do two attacks per pack or run on lower mp or with less xp gear.
Is MP 0 still the best mp for XP?
u gotta time ur runs to find out whats best for you. could be anywhere from mp0 to mp5 now this patch depending on how much dps u got and how much xp gear u wear.

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