game freezes when ice bomb explodes?

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No pun intended but it happened a few times already, in the middle of team play when those ice bombs explode, the game just froze or lag really really badly before eventually froze.

and this happen only when there is ice explosion no other explosion. its like boom and then the whole screen just froze.

everything else is very normal. I could run max setting and still play very smooth even in high traffic areas like act 3.

anyone knows what might cause this and how to prevent this? I play HC and I don't wanna die because of this. thx

I can think of nothing that would cause a game effect to cause the computer to freeze unless it's simply underpowered to begin with and can't handle the increased activity or has a marginal internet connection.

If it happens again, it might be helpful to see your D3Debug.txt file copied right after it froze.

It's located in the main Diablo III game folder. Edit out your account name first though. It's going to appear in a few places in the file.
Will try that thanks.
Whats funny is I notice it's often in the same corner and place

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