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Hi all, i would like to hit 200k dps buffed with battlerage only so around 170k unbuff?

Im thinking of switching out my bracer to a vit+RA+9%ias lacuni and then switching my boots to iceclimber with 240str along with 240str mempo + 9%. That also will make me switch my belt since i no longer need it for the 2piece bonus, probably wil get a 250str/60vit/LS/RA rare belt.

But with all those ill probably get to 140k dps or so still..what other things can i change to hit 170-180k dps no buff.

Thank you for your advise and suggestions ^^
And Happy New Years
anyone?~~ please
If you can drop the LS from your belt then you can go with a str witching hour. That will give you a big dps boost. Otherwise I don't really see the point in going to a rare belt from IK, might as well just get a better IK belt.

Edit: drop the vit gems in your chest for STR gems, you don't need the extra HP. If you can get a MH with a socket and similar stats (you can lose probably 150-200 dps) it should be a dps increase. Other than that your str is just low, although a 180+ str mempo would help. If you have some cash you can get some movement speed ice climbers, those would be a BIG str upgrade (probably 150 str at least) but they won't be cheap. I'd say get better gloves too, yours aren't trifecta and don't have high str, so either get trifecta (drop the AR, you don't need it) or get some high str IK gloves.
no i cant drop the LS, if i do i need to run bloodthirst which will lose superstition = lose of ehp...And i have that much hp coz i tried having 40k-ish hp only and i die easily in ubers. Thats why i try to have 50k+

And you should check out the price of IK belt 250str/60vit/LS belt is few mil last i check...same stat IK belt is like few times more than that. Since ill be switching to a high str ice climber no point of me keeping IK belt for the set bonus.

edit: yep a rare belt 250str+/vit/ls is like under 20mil and IK belt same stat is like 100mil...I do plan on changing my main hand to a 1k+ dps with some str/vit/crit socket or something, even tho im lose paper dps but i gain Tdps
alright i got some upgrades cost me 30mil to bump up like 22k dps, now what else can i upgrade to add massive dps?
is it a good idea to change my belt to witching hour and change superstition to bloodthirst instead :O

Will that be too hard of a hit on my ehp? I only have around 500resist all unbuff and 4.9k armor, 45k hp

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