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Or just make last 4 levels of gems droppable as legendary...and adding new stuff would be cool too...
Love the gem ideas.

I made a thread a long time ago with same idea. Mine however was that gems could combine together for different base stats,

example a topaz and a ruby would make a glittering ruby. same with all other combinations.

Would make gem hunt alot more fun and create a gold sink as these gems would cost alot.
These are fantastic.
Neat ideas!


Rainbow diamond wouldn't work because you would just socket it then remove it until you got the desired stats (and therefore be pretty darn strong)

If you made Black diamond in Helm increase your thorns by 100% you would single handedly make thorns viable, with all the black gems you would be able to get upwards of 200k reflect damage (maybe need to nerf the % actually lol)

Also I do feel that current gems need some sort of buff for weapon slot, ruby, amethyst, and topaz are just so weak because they don't add a scaling% like emerald does (ruby should increase weapon damage by a %, etc.)
Adding more types of gems with interesting properties would definitely solve multiple problems (lack of build diversity, slowing interest in current loot, lack of reason to run different areas). Of course this could also be solved with jewels but this would create a better buzz effect (IMO "just got a jade!" beats "check out the stats on this jewel!")

I love the idea that certain gems only drop in certain situations (e.g. Gaven the Thief). As an additional thought, you could avoid lots of issues with OPness and farming, by making them drop from Snowflakes (the extremely rare purple guys in "A Unique Collection" achievement). Some of the Snowflakes almost never appear, so if you had to find a snowflake just to get the 50% (e.g.) chance of a drop, it would keep them ridiculously rare and people would have great reason to explore every inch of the world with every game they launched.

Plus since the locations of the snowflakes within a level is so random and you'd have to specifically click on the dropped gem, it would be almost impossible for botters to attempt to farm them.
Cool ideas, I have a thread on a concept for Diamonds and Skulls and was working on one for shield sockets. (shields being very under-powered because of the lack of a unique socket effect)

This is the link for anyone interested
adding gems like this would add so much more to this game. i like having certain ones only drop from certain kills.
I love this game as is, but I'm all for more than four things to socket into gear.

That being'm really not getting why some of your proposed new gems have affixes that some gems already have...

Black Diamonds have Thorns? Topazes already have that.
Skulls add Life on Hit? Amethysts already do that.

Like I said, I totally agree that there should be more than just four gems. In fact, I will go on record saying Blizzard is a pack of morons if they don't do like they did with Lord of Destruction and add a ton of stuff to put into sockets with the inevitable expansion pack(s), and even put more than just the gems people expect, like Diamonds and Sapphires. It'd be great to see a variety...garnets, lapis lazuli, turquoise, etc.

But this list's affixes could use tuning.
nice idea

how about this :

Angel's Tear (as legendary)
Helm : 5% chance to double all stats for 30 sec when get hit (1 min cooldown)
Weapon : 10 % chance to triple critical hit damage
Others : + 25 All Resistance, + 250 Armor
Here's a gem affix I'd like to see:

Lowers cooldowns by X%.

Or lowers your longest cooldown by X%.
So cool, hope blizz sees this and we get ourselveds as new set of gems!!! :)
Some of the D2 rune affects (not the runewords) should come back as well.


knockback (Nef)
enhanced damage (Ohm)
crit damage % (Lo)
Freeze target-Cannot be frozen (Cham) (lol would love this one even if it's like 0.00001 drop chance )
damage reduced (Ber)
faster hit recovery (Shael) Reduced CC length in D3 afaik.

Just realized how much easier is to navigate Arreat Summit's item section... Shows how fancy looks are not everything on sites.
I think the some of the coolest affixes they could put on items that go in sockets would be effect based and not damage or life based. You could dramatically change the build diversity without majorly impacting balance.

Some examples:
  • 10% chance to cast frost nova on crit, no damage, only frozen effect
  • 3% chance to force armor when receiving crit, can only occur every 10 minutes
  • 2% chance to increase movement speed by 20% for 30 seconds upon taking damage greater than 35% max life. This ignores movement speed cap
  • 2% chance to cast bone prison on crit
  • 2% chance to become lighining enchanted upon recieving a crit hit. this effect last for 1 minute.
  • 2% chance upon killing elite pack to acquire one of the packs mods for 2 minutes. can only occur once in 20 minutes
  • A buddy and I have a list of like 20 other odd effects. I know the numbers might not be perfect, but the point is make them effects not damage or life. immobilize, escape, buff, etc. The really cool thing about this that is missing from D3 but was in D2 LoD post patches was the ability to get a skill on one class that belongs to another class even if it is a slim chance and only for 30 seconds. It makes for some killer build diversity and kooky builds.
    Werd! What about crafting jewels using 2 or 3 of the gems. Hybrid stats i.e. dex + vit or crit dmg+ loh + 1 random magic property.

    Made an idea for a diamond over a month ago.

    It my look like it but it is not to strong when you think about how much of a difference would be made in DPS when putting one of these in armor instead of main stat gem and the loss of life when you put one of these in a helm.

    Also you could add [...] Amethyst

    Did you forget that we have that in the game?

    I don't blame you though.. no pressing need to get vit outside of HC. gems really do need a revamp
    Love it. Pack it, ship it. Now.
    + 1.
    Some of them would probably need to be bind to account upon socketing to prevent them from being OP.

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