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knock back rune + wind force knock back. I dig that.

How about a 15% pierce gem.
Axe: Bash or one targeted attack allows to pierce to other target.
bows: pierce! (main purposeful item)

I used buriza(75%pierce) + bola shot explosion. O. M. G.
1 shot penetrated 10 monsters and exploded with x10.

some skills are amazing with pierce.
Just want Skulls & Diamonds back. Since launch I kind of just expected them to be saving the Diamond for the expansion lol, perhaps the Skull too.
love this idea!!!! i really hope this ends up in the game !!!
I like a lot of those great post. Though some stats might be unused and other a little over powered. But like the idea!
Blizz can do alot with these kind of concepts and ideas - I would like to know what they have in the can - great forum
Giving players gems with such a high end abilities = decreasing values of all high tier armor/weapons...

So think about it second time.. :-D

No way it will happen.. WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO THE PRECIOUS AH/RMAH THEN ???!?!?!?!
very nice ideas man, would be great, we need sapphires as well as diamonds, so skulls,daimonds, sapphires, one more would be great maybe obsidian
there should be a gem that adds +IAS%
Very nice ideas!
But in my opinion, the skull should not be that strong, LS can be a huge advantage.
2% for an 1h weapon and 4% for a 2h weapon would do it, so a perfect ls weapon with skull gem would max at 5%/1h and 10% for 2h, and it should be unique.
The 10% dmg+ against elites is weak.
If you put an emerald in your weapon you can get more than 10% dmg boost, for all kinds of mobs, not just elites. It should be around 30% to be worthy! Also, unique.
And yeah, make acts 1-2-4 viable to farm!
Now, I feel a little silly for mentioning another game on here.. but FATE has an awesome gem-game, with 20+ types of gems, with rare AND legendary gems. I would much like to see such an awesome assortment in D3.
Blizzard DEFINITELY needs to look into this!
Like this idea, definitely need more variety in gems or socketable options. It would make more decisions whether you want to socket a crit dmg gem, an attack speed or life steal or whatever.

Also like the idea of tying at least some of these to crafting. There's nowhere for high level gem consumption in the economy, so perhaps using a combination of gems to craft higher level gems or jewels. Could also use a random stat range for the gems to encourage more consumption.

Using an NPC (mystic) to get some sort of enchantments (add semi-random property) would also expand the item base. Some people say it makes all items OP, and it would put some BiS items over the top, but it mostly expands the available item possibilities.

Awesome ideas! Like the Diamond and Skull
I agree. I really like the idea of more gems/jewels.
well I'm on board for this WONDERFUL idea.

I like the previous suggest of making a gem reduce the resource cost of spells. (WD here) ersonally i think that should be placed on the Rainbow Gem, the one from POny level.

Make the minus cost be -10% at the radiant star level.
This is really something I've been thinking of last days: NEW JEWELRY.
Not only gems, but the old fashioned jewels from D2 would be a great buff in socketed items.
Wonderful idea, brother!
I already know blizz's response "we think the gem system is working as intended right now"
nice, and it would be nice if they let us socket our equip. It would make so many worthless legendary worth something.
seems like the drops wouldn't be frequent enough to make crafting the high level ones viable, this being based on you mentioning that there would supposedly be lower level versions of each etc. I just don't think it would work if they only dropped from bosses because it would mean you're fighting these bosses upwards of 20+ times just to guarantee crafting the first few degrees of power for each item. Again, this is based on the mention of lower versions of the gems. If they always drop with the same power levels and stat levels then definitely not as obnoxious as far as pickup time

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