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This is a really good Idea. I hope it gets implemented.
Nothing will ever beat putting a 100crit dmg emerald in weapon.... kinda pointless.
How is this pointless? For classes that use two weapons or double socketed weapons you could have a 100 cd gem and a 10% cc gem which could stack nicely together. Or stack your gear in such a way that you have a lot of crit dmg and cc from your armor then use a damage against elites for ubers etc. His ideas allow for you to play around with not just weapons but also gems in helms and other armors as well for much more variation than there is currently.
Game needs more gems
I don't know...

I mean, I like all of these ideas, but the one that really strikes me as odd is Gavin's. Gavin is a plague-type. Although there already are emeralds in the game, I really get the feeling that Gavin's drop, the sapphire, should be changed to something else that has poison related stats.

Otherwise, I really like these ideas.
maybe they reserved new gems for next patches?
Before introducing more gems, Blizzard needs to implement a proper gem sink first.

Here's my take on it:

Gem sink

- Crafting a Flawless Star and above now requires a recipe

This will make gem recipes more useful instead of just merely buying it once and allowing infinite amount of gems to be made.

- When removing the gem from an item, it reduces the gem back to the previous grade

Gem + Gold + Recipe Sink. It's definitely way better than completely destroying the gem.

- Upgrading a gem requires Fiery Brimstones

Brimstone sink, enuff said.

- Increase the cost for removing gems from items

The gold price is terribly low, I don't even know what's the point of Blizzard implementing

- Adding gems to an item increases the cost of repairing the item socketed with it

Gold sink, depends on the grade of gem. The higher the grade the more expensive it is to repair.
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I've been wanting new gems since FOREVER! Diamond should add attack speed to weapon.

all those gems are just overpowered
I've seen so many good ideas posted by players gets high ratings in the forums and are simply ignored by the dev team. The team has a vision and their vision includes my little pony land and female diablo stuff like that not stuff like this.

Community comes up with a ton of nice sounding gems...

....Blizzard poorly implements another rank of their own. (Very poorly, they're definitely not worth the cost to unsocket (so maybe good in a weapon) but really only made a slight boost to the "I get 500k for each time I blink while playing" or "I bought 50b gold" people.)
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