Error 73 and 3003

Technical Support
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cant log in, it says outage of battlenet service(error 73) ????
EU server login error
Same problem !

funny thing. servers seems ok :( Diablo fail again
me too i have a same problem
Been having this issue for 30mins now. I actually thought it was just me due to no other posts but now I know its not. I was looking at the servers thinking that it was my connection or something.

When a blue has time, can we please get a post to let us know whats happening? Thanks!
Bah Guys im getting errror 10 :\
me too... f*ck this :(
when i playing,the game kick me out :( and i can`t login now The Battlenet is outrage
eror 3003
error 74 :(
Same problem, i have disconect. so my hardcore hero was died.
will be compansation?
They will send you some coupons
Im afraid there wont be any compensation for dead HC heroes, no
maybe they got hacked ^^
yep I have same problem but my friends is on game and playing :S
Is this still on going? for real?
yeah this problem started 1 hour ago
i have login america or asia server but cannot login to eu

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