Error 73 and 3003

Technical Support
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Quick update: We believe we resolved the issue that was preventing players from logging in to the EU client (though the authentication step may still be a bit slow at the moment). Please let us know if you continue to experience any issues. Thanks!

I continue to experience issues. -_-

For those of you quoting this as them actually working on it, look closer and realize blizzard helped out the euro bubbas but not the states. Blizzard probably just moved the piece of messed up code or w/e the hell is jacking up the server login to the states servers to fix EU's
Getting error 73 and was getting message timeout right before. But, it was not timeout. Was at AH.
04/07/2013 10:21 PMPosted by Satakans
Its a test to see how many players still play this 'game'

Getting error 37 High trafic now^^
Areu able to log in yet?
Same here. Could someone from Blizzard have a look at this and reply to this thread?
Got eror 37 here says too many atempts to log in :))
omg blizzard just fix that shet, the moste annoing thing is that they dont even explain what the problem is.....
Please can we get someone from Support to tell us whats happening
at least get your Server Status page correct - GREEN pu arrows are NOT right, the server is down !!!
Error 3003 from one week can't play anything

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