Any Melbourne Players?

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Hey guys anyone from Melbourne want to play?

Add me Charchi#6142
yeah sure, i'll send an addy in a little while mate. but i can only run max mp 5 comfortably with the wiz... i might be able to push mp7 but i'm very squishy lol. on the other hand i can para level and farm reasonably well at mp0-1 with my DH


mp5 if i have 200ms lag and my computer doesn't over heat and drop the fps to 5 lol
im from melbourne, but ive been playing HC only lately. softcore got a little boring and repetitive. also nearly impossible to upgrade without spending millions which i dont have :P
I'm a local, add me if you like an i can teach you a phew things about monks
I am from Melbourne too. Playing mainly demon hunter but will play all class to mix it up a little and fun with various character.
yer Melbourne here. I'm on most nights and weekends with my WD.

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