Advice on what to spend

Demon Hunter
I have 10b..what should I spend on?
converting that to real cash...
Still not enough to gear a barb.
get a nice christmas present.
Save more to get 1400 Manticore, easy!
10b? damn, if RMAH rate for gold is 31cents per mil, you'd have about 3100 dollars there (before all the taxes)....screw virtual items, get dat cash!
1. Convert to real cash
2. Hit strip club
3. Make it rain
4. ?????
Looks like you can use a neck. While you are at it might as well upgrade your nats boots and ring. Keep your eyes open for a deal on a new wep, otherwise hold onto what you got until next gear revolution.

If he wanted real $, I'm sure he knows how to do that people.

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