a low end apoc chant force dropped...

killing my dps by 25k but made me faceroll mp5 onwards. it also made me use andy helm and an ammy of mine more effectively. sns is hilariously op with an apoc chant.

cheapskate, yes; only need the apoc on the force anyway


never overlook a low-end apoc chant force
Awesome! That was a big game-changer for me too! :D I bought my Chant's Force for 25million, which I really wanted for the Meteor reduction+APoC (like urs has too). In addition to an APoC Chant's Force helping SnS, it's effective for Meteor based builds. Just add back on your Storm Crow and you're pretty good to go. :)
yeah i can go back to storm crow but im trying out andy for now. don't think 3 apocs is necessary for me as of the moment.
he means that you keep ur stormcrow for whenever u want to hurl meteors, as for that u do need 3 apoc sources.i still have my cc one in stash just for that.
no fair. i replied when he didn't edit his post yet .\_/.
Yeah, sorry about that. :( My first post was too ambiguous, which is why i edited it. :) But yeah, 3 sources of APoC and some meteor reduction goes a long way towards facilitating a good meteor spam.

It's a lot of fun! You should try it out! :D
yeah i have heard about the meteor build and may try it out.

i do want to know how meteorologists handle RD mobs. LOH? LS?

all i know about meteor build is

-get all reduce casting cost skills/gears
-3 apoc
-int int int int

it's funny how i end up financing for two builds (cm/ww and archon)

such is life
It depends on how you build your Meteor build. The safest Meteor rune is Liquefy, since you do a bit lower damage and you have more procs to fuel your LoH. I do just fine with 1300 LoH with around 80-100k dps. Alternatively, you could also use higher damage runes, such as Molten Impact or Meteor Shower, and have a Life Stealing weapon handy. If you're not using Meteor as your arcane power regenerator and instead using WW or LL, you can just forgoe using Meteor for those [acks and rely on the standard SnS.
Strange but I think APoC Force is not as good as SC, for APoC piece. Recently I switched to APoC Force and it's very hard to maintain my stats at the same level as SC setup (granted I had a godly Litany though). However I plan a better setup and I need Mempo, so it's a must. Basically you sacrifice EHP and DPS for APoC :)
12/28/2012 10:15 PMPosted by novice
Basically you sacrifice EHP and DPS for APoC :)

IKR :(
Life steal works decently with meteor. However since cm wizards don't use life steal often, you should hold back on meteor versus RD. only land one or two to trigger conflagration. Otherwise play standard SNS.

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