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I've had a number of items currently under review prior to process that were on the auction house a long time ago. I only recently started playing diablo 3 again with a new computer that could run it, and I came back and saw that a few of my items are stuck in limbo due to being "currently under review prior to process". I can only assume that they have been under review for a long time, including a legendary item, and I was wondering if I could have help in getting them back.

They're not really undergoing a review, it's a display glitch. I've got a few on auctions that were processed a long time ago too. The issue is supposed to be fixed in an upcoming patch but I have no ETA as to when it will occur.
Well it hasn't been fix yet so.. please do it? Also i get "failed to validate given payment method" on the RMAH as well.. Mabye explain why or fix it is wise?
I am currently experiencing this problem 10/1/2013

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