Good game, bad community.

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bad game, worse community
People wouldn't be as upset if Diablo 3 had at the very least, built upon the foundation that d2 had rather than actually give us less than what we had previously. The removal of features combined with the many other problems have led us to this point. Here's a "short" list of issues with D3.

stat points/Skill points = cut instead of trying to make it more compelling(decent arguments for and against BUT I prefer to have more decision making in how my character builds up)
PvP = Cut, still not here
Elemental damage/immunities = removed
Varied quest rewards = cut, only xp and gold after all this time?
Inferior bnet/chat channels
Single player = cut
Mystic = cut
Death animations = cut
Socketing = cut/only 1 socket at times
Imbue = cut
Crafting = !@#$ty
Item affixes = better than release but still not up to par(remember trang ouls etc?)
Skulls/diamonds/saphires = cut
Charms/Jewels/runes = cut
Runewords = cut
Monster variation similar to LoD after 1.10 = cut, (13 different colors of fallens to fight now!)
Many skills = %^-*ty at release and are currently still !@#$ty, not even close to "tons" of viable builds
Skill "runes" = bad for most part (I actually feel like d2 had more skills that you could use if you had the right items)
Only 10 character slots if you don't want to pay another $60(can only play 1 of each class if you want to have 1 of each for softcore and hardcore)
Stash space = "bigger" than d2, yet still less space to collect due to having not enough characters/tabs and having to spend more $ to buy an extra account for more space.
Story = worse in my opinion
Waypoints = practically worthless to have now
Game isn't open world, can't clear the entire game in whatever order I wish without completely restarting where I'm at.
ladder = gone

The following video shows several more things that were also removed.

Sad part is, it took me about 5 minutes to come up with all that off the top off my head. I'm sure there's many things people could add to that list.

Diablo 3 improved in only 2 areas. Graphics do look better(although I prefer a darker/gothic look rather than what we got) and the combat certainly feels smoother.
My ex wife looks like Azmodan. But she can cook....
12/31/2012 09:09 PMPosted by gooddaytodie
Too bad even people like IGN did the same thing. Most disappointing? Laughable. More like "oops, we were stupid and got our hopes up and went into the game close minded and now we're disappointed game of 2012."
LMBO @ this... think of it this way.. you go to the dealership to buy a car, you already have a 2003 Corvette, so you ask them if they have a bran new 2013 Corvette. they say yes we do and in any color you want, you get excited because your 2003 Corvette is an AWESOME CAR!!! once you get in the NEW 2013 car you find out that it runs on 4cylinder engine, it has no power windows/steering/seats/ or cruise control... ALL the things that your 2003 has. so are you happy that your NEW 2013 is WORSE than your old car? or do you simply say, i expected to much out of a NEW STATE OF THE ART CAR??? im guessing you would be pissed and disappointed...

I hate this analogy. You know why I don't think it works? I don't think it works because game design is not even remotely similar to car design past the fact that the two both need necessary and sufficient conditions in order to work and to be considered a car/game.

These conditions are not "stat point allocation" or any of the things I'm sure you are going to bring up against Diablo 3, but instead are more basic like "coding." Sort of like a car needs to have an engine.

So, really, the things you dislike about this game are just things you dislike, they aren't things that make the game "not really Diablo 3" or "not a game" or "not worthy of the franchise title." No, I think that it is still A. a game and B. an ARPG and C. set in the Diablo universe and D. a game that is foremost about building a character through fighting monsters and item acquisition.

You just don't like D3 because it isn't D2. To go back to your glorious analogy, you don't really even want a 2013 Corvette, what you really want is the 2003, but maybe with a sunroof added in. After all, we would hate to corrupt the necessary and sufficient conditions of "what is a Corvette."
The reason I hate the analogy is because.... A 4 cylinder in a CORVETTE??? Are you for serious? :D
12/31/2012 09:16 PMPosted by Ender
Good enough reason to stick around, I suppose?

If playing the forums was their mission, then it's accomplished. Stopped playing in June, played for 2 days after one of their patches, forget which one, haven't touched it since. The love for d1 and d2 I'd say is more the reason for sticking around, that and reminding blizzard of what I find disappointing in hopes that the expansion/patches shall solve some of my issues with it.
12/31/2012 09:27 PMPosted by gooddaytodie
You just don't like D3 because it isn't D2. To go back to your glorious analogy, you don't really even want a 2013 Corvette, what you really want is the 2003, but maybe with a sunroof added in. After all, we would hate to corrupt the necessary and sufficient conditions of "what is a Corvette."
and if said that NES Super Mario Bros is a better game than d3 your just going to say "well you want super mario bros. not d3" right? LMAO

I don't follow. The two aren't in the same genre of game nor are they the same franchise. I didn't say that you really wanted a game that was not a Diablo game altogether, or not a game altogether. I said that you wanted a game that was not Diablo 3, but instead an earlier incarnation of the Diablo series. Per your analogy, you want an 03' Corvette, not a '13 Corvette. I did not say "You want a Civic, not a Corvette."

I don't follow your response.
I've heard rumors about heaps for this game including the fact that this is the Last Diablo that Blizzard plan on releasing meaning that this game is essentially "Empty" at this moment. No implementation of PvP etc as yet. Just "in the works"

Personally I loved Diablo 1 from the moment I bought it on release in Aus (yes, I'm that old) and Diablo 2 gave me the irrates to the fact (someone else had also mentioned in this thread) to if you wanted changing of certain "once only" choices (unlike skill trades in D3) you had to start from scratch again, I played through D2 twice and would never be enticed to pick it up and play again.

D3, I don't know why, gives me the epic feel of D1. That's just my opinion though.

As for the "Community" here.. As I said previously in this thread, I discuss Diablo elsewhere unless there are topics like this one ASKING for input as I feel a lot of "input" given to others in random threads just ends up with people being trolled by those who feel they are better than them (Ye old Forum Warrior).

I can only really see one reason that would actually get me to not play any longer and that would be a monthly sub. If blizzard ever did that, right at that point in time, they would essentially DESTROY D3.
The issue is with the inherent flaw of forums in general. They are like communism, great in theory but terrible in practice and application. While they can provide a great opportunity to provide feedback and foster constructive discussions, they also provide a medium for trolls to incite reaction and obstructive voices to pipe up.

I find it very similar to "customer service scores" my store received during my time in retail management. It was an argument I won time and again with the DM, people only participate in the surveys if they have a complaint, valid or not, and positive responses are primarily attained when there is some sort of give away. If you looked at the scores you would think my store was the worst place in the world, yet somehow my store always cleared goal and the revenue and profit stream were consistent. In other words take forum complaints with a grain of salt, I would say a majority of players continue to play the game and going to the forum does not even cross their mind.

On a side note a lion's share of this community could take a lesson from another of my former employers. One of his rules that I have never found to be more true, "The customer is not always right, however the customer is the customer"
I got to say, try to avoid contact with the cry babies but they don't go?? Com'n if you don't like the game go find something else more entertaining. Unless you have no self-esteem and must put down people to fell better...

A lot of my friends leave the game cause they are bored but they don't come on this forum or in game channel and bash about "how bad the game is". The game is repetitive as any game or even life so pick and make your choose.

Blizzard didn't not fail on designing the game is the best selling game of the year. They win when you buy the game, everything else they are doing right now is just to set the base for the upcoming expansion so they can get more money into there pockets. I hope the forum monitor could make a post rating how much people enjoyed the game. Off-course the vote must follow by a reason.

This game is not broken or need fixing. IT WAS DESIGNED TO BE THE WAY IT IS. A lot of nerf made inferno too easy without MP. The game do need a few improvements and if people are not giving constructive feedback then blizzard cannot and will not know how the community wants. We whom enjoy the game should be posting these so the community seems more friendly and loving.

Last thing about game balance. I think a lot of the skill need to be reconsider like resource cost and overall damage and passive defensive and offensive skills. The skill rune is nice, I don't have to make 3 wiz so I can cover up all 3 element like d2. But too many rune is unless they are either hopelessly unless or not effective to be attractive. I made a few suggestion post here and there. Is there a place on the forum where we can post these and the GM will see them?
Community: vortex+molten+arcane+poison and then
Blizzard: reflect damage

What happens then? All of these threads are similar. Constructive criticism went down the river with few people actually being helpful. Not kind, but helpful.
Hordes of flaming threads with each passing day spread like plague. Being on EU or checking from time to time on US doesn't give people what they need so naturally, many don't know how to behave and there you go. You get the grey zone and if you are in the middle, someone will surely misunderstood what you wrote. Funny posts don't count. If someone actually reads what i just wrote i would be surprised.

Replying on similar threads became common thing for all and some people don't even read the topics, just flame. Being a fanboys/girls or otherwise, Diablo community as a whole, flunked. Bigtime.

Game as a whole is so-so but i've played all D1, D2 similar ARPGs, H&S and so on and this game deserves better. Surely you can stop playing for some time but in time all come back because in a way most feel like they need to kick some demonic azz after crappy day IRL or they don't have anything better to do. Some are frustrated and thats fine but in constructive manner you can reply. Being kind doesn't make you a pu$$y. It helps someone, somewhere and he may not reply but if you sad something that matters to only 1 soul, then you'll feel better too. Happy New Year
The community isn't bad, for the most part, there are trolls, of course, EVERY forum has them. But most of the community consists of die-hard, loyal, Diablo fans, fans that, for the most part, were utterly dissapointed with many aspects of Diablo 3 [just about the entire game dissapointed me] and went about expressing their dissapointment...

Just my .02...

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