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You asked what we thought you could do to improve, and while I don't speak for the community, I can generally say things I'd personally like to see.

1) Better ways to track blue posts, according to issues (and not just thread names, or blue names).

EX: Blue comments on item drop questions, and difficulty questions - then tags post as items, and also tags it as endgame. Later a player has questions about those very subjects, and at a click of a button, ALL information that blues have posted on the subject is readily available.

Why: You said it yourself, the biggest issue is relaying information to people on a widespread scale. The problem is, when I have an issue I care about - it takes too long to find out if it's been addressed. I could either take 1+ hours to look, or I could just make a topic and have you repeat yourself. The problem is - if we weren't there when you posted the original info, it's unlikely we'll have seen it.

2) Then and now blog. "We've come a long way"

EX: A blog post featuring each issue you've addressed - why it was an issue, what you've changed, and how you're continuing to address it in the future.

Why: One of the most common issues on the forums you see is people feeling like their opinion isn't heard. They forget about patch X, and feature Y. They don't see that you responded to Z thread, which had the same question they asked - and to be perfectly honest, that isn't their responsibility to know (or care). If people don't remember the change, that can mean a whole slew of things - and I'm not about to list off reasons why that could be, as it's all subjective - but the fact of the matter is enough people feel that they haven't been listened to, that one blue post explaining those changes that will get burred tomorrow (see previous suggestion, to find out how you too, can be remembered!), isn't going to fix that mindset. A blog post explaining anything in that regard would go a long way towards quenching the communities thirst.

3) Transparency

EX: You need to relay (more often) that things are on the table.

Why: Honestly, sometimes it feels like change isn't coming. It feels like fixes aren't coming, or feedback is dismissed. I have to say, that personally I unloaded 500 or so hours into the game - and I expect that if I put the same investment into a new relationship and then asked her what was in store with out future - I would cringe at the reply "We don't have any information to reveal at this time" It's not a perfect analogy, and it's one I know will certainly bait trolls, but it certainly conveys the point I want to make: We need more from you. Every time you reply saying you'll pass information on - I smile. Every time you reply saying It's something you've considered / are working on - I'm happy. Every time you reply saying that you don't have the ability to relay information at this time - I die a little inside.

The biggest issue with this you've conveyed, is that you're scared of breaking promises to the community - yet it's something that you've done casually already (J.W. saying he'd be surprised if PVP wasn't out by year's end - for instance). Honestly, I'd rather know somethings coming (or even potentially coming), and then have to wait for it (or see it get canceled), because it means I know for a firm fact, that you guys are actually doing something there (I'm of course implying the feeling and sentiment, I know you guys are actually working [well, except Bashiok]). If the community is upset by a delay or a change of plans - that means they're excited about your game, that they are passionate about what they want, and that they are not only actively involved in the community - but you also know they received the information in the first place. People are going to be angry regardless - try giving them the carrot, instead of nothing at all.

I hope this feedback helps.
12/14/2012 03:22 AMPosted by Kit
I hope this feedback helps.

Definitely, thanks!
And here :

we could make this a collection thread...

.. without troll spammers talking about ingame issues and filling it up.

and one more I found:
Well done OP. A Then and now blog is awesome!
+1 to transparency

People make multiple threads on issues they want addressed.

Also why hasnt the ubber seigebreaker bug been added to the known bug list?

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